I Think You Know Where I’ve Been

I’ve had some inquiries.  People have said to me, “For a week you wouldn’t quit writing, but now you’ve gone silent.  What gives?”  I think you know.

I’ve been standing at my kitchen counter smearing fresh, sticky, peanut butter, on wheat bread along with flavor-infused grape jelly, and filling my mouth alternately with that and a glass of milk and letting it drip down my face. In other words I had a sandwich and forgot to blog for week.

3 Responses to “I Think You Know Where I’ve Been”

  1. oh my goodness!!!

    I so needed a good laugh!!!
    (still laughing)

  2. Oh – what incredible writing, what a picturesque and mouth-watering description of your pb & j. It is so tantalizing, so familiar, so…hmmm, what can I say – so much like that Thought Collage woman and her tomato sandwich????


    THIS cracked me up!!!!

  3. Bryan Younger Says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. Mines about a good sandwich.

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