I need a name!

I need suggestions for a name of this blog. Bryan and Pearls Space just doesn’t get it done. I’m drawing a blank. Got any ideas?

5 Responses to “I need a name!”

  1. YOUNGER than YOU!
    Young, younger youngriest…
    Bryan’s Pearl of Great Price (great thoughts from the great minds of Bryan and Pearl)
    Forever Younger (I really like this one!!! – It would need a good “tag line” or something).
    They Tried to Tell Us We’re Too Younger
    Younger Love (this sounds a little illegal)
    The YOUNGER and Restless
    YOUNGER at heart…

    Dave is trying to outdo me, so I quit. CHOOSE ONE OF MINE!!!

  2. Hmmm. Let’s see…
    What about P.B. and J? Except you don’t have anyone with a J first name in your house.. Could you get a dog?
    Uhhh, The Younger Gang you could get one of those sepia-tone photos with you guys as outlaws and you could have an entire Colorado western thing going…
    Orrrr… The Younger you are, the more Pearls you find! How about that???
    Bryan’s Blog and Pearl’s Posts
    You’re not getting any, Younger (no that’s not a good one!)
    Feeling Younger (let’s not even go there)
    Your as Younger as you feel.
    Bryan’s Pearl of great price.
    The Younger Fellowship
    Younger is as Younger does.
    The Youngsters
    The Younger and the Restless
    Younger Guns
    okay that’s all for now…

  3. First of all – I submitted, but they aren’t here??? Then Dave stole some of mine! Did they make “waiting for moderation” or are they lost forever?

    I can’t remember them all, but some were:
    YOUNGER thna you!
    Young, YOUNGER, Youngriest
    Forever YOUNGER
    The YOUNGER and the Restless
    Bryan’s Pearl of Great Price – Great thoughts from the great minds of Bryan and Pearl
    YOUNGER love (which I thought sounded a little illegal)

    Boo hoo – I am sure my best were lost…or were they??

  4. A disclaimer…
    Jeanie said I stole some of her’s. Like Bryan’s Pearl of great price…
    I knew I had heard it somewhere but I thought it was my writing Muse guy that lives in the basement of my cranium…
    But alas, it was Jeanie…
    so any overlaps were just copies on my part… I am told by some voice in our house…

  5. Bryan Younger Says:

    Great thoughts,great minds and Bryan just don’t seem to fit in the same sentence

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