Ode to the Bassist

Most people think that the most important part of the band is the lead guitar. That is not true. The music is driven by the bass and drums. This Sunday the music was great as usual but really showcased the talent of Stormie. Every chord every note just reverberated through my body. At one point Steven leaned over to me and said ” I want a Bass”. We even talked on the way home about how good she played. Great job Stormie you’re becoming a fantastic musician.

3 Responses to “Ode to the Bassist”

  1. Wow! I think that is the sweetest compliment I’ve ever rec’d. Thank-you so much! I’m trying to practice a lot more to improve the gift the Lord has given me, I hope it is making Him proud. Love you guys!

  2. Wow again! Thank you Bry for the words of encouragment! I think she is also progressing well and I never get tired of hearing her and any of the rest of my kids play. They are all annointed of the Lord and the only credit I can take is pointing them in the right direction. The talent and gifting and ability came from God only and I stand amazed Sunday after Sunday at the way they lead me into His presence…

  3. she WAS good Sunday!

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