The Anti-Gym

So I recently saw an ad during the Channel 31 news that offended me.  I don’t offend easily but this was bad. It was for a gym called The Anti-Gym. The add featured an overweight woman sitting on the couch eating.Then some guy comes in and wearing a “No Chubbies” t-shirt. He starts yelling at her like some drill sergeant wanna be.Calling her names. At one point he slaps a piece of cake into her face. Then there’s a scene where the large woman sees her dream man in front of her coming towards her but a thin model type steps in front of her to take the man away. The man walks away with the model while grabbing a handful of her rear.Now I’m sure the guy envisions himself as a great motivator somewhat like a drill sergeant. But he comes across like the high school bully picking on the fat kid.I don’t see how intimidation motivates someone to work out. If that works for you great , but for me it just makes me want to drop a fifty weight pound plate on the guy’s foot.

 To me the scene were the large woman loses her man was really insulting. It seemed like they were saying that if your heavy you’re unworthy of love. I say if the man of your dreams is coming towards you and leaves with another woman HE’S unworthy of your love and affection, your better off without him.

I went to the web-page for the gym expecting to see the normal Arnold type guys ,maybe some pictures of the gym’s equipment . But there was none of that. There was a description of a room in the gym where only people of a certain percentage of body-fat could get in. I don’t know what goes on in there , I’m guessing it’s not Chess.  It even said you could use alcohol and marijuana as part of a healthy lifestyle. So basically it’s a pickup bar with a few dumbbells around (the weights not the users). The page was a tribute to the man’s ego and libido.

 If you want a gym ,find one that motivates you through encouragement, not intimidation. A place where you are accepted for the size you are, not the size they think you should be. A place where your accomplishments are celebrated, and setbacks are supported and understood.

2 Responses to “The Anti-Gym”

  1. I agree.
    Don’t remember if I’ve seen the add.
    I was the fat kid in school. At least I always saw myself that way although looking at pictures, I was pretty normal, I just never had the six-pack abs.
    Given the choice between Rita Hayworth and Paris Hilton?
    Rita wins everytime.
    A woman needs to look like a woman, not like Ally McBeal!
    I love bones, have a few myself, but I like a woman that has some flesh on the bones.
    Not putting people down the other way either.
    If that’s your metabolism, cool.
    We live in an unhealthy society both ways, over and underweight.
    Be who God made you and don’t worry about what society dictates!!!!
    And by the by, Jeanie was 98lbs when we married but she had flesh in all the right places… And still does, 26 years later!!!

  2. I cannot believe Dave said that

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