And The Winner Is….

The Younger Gang. For now at least. Just can’t run away from the ancestry. Well that and we already had the goofy picture! It was taken on our honeymoon. I kinda wanted to stay away from the obvious Younger jokes but… there’s just no running from it.

us1.jpg The bullets for the gun are in my shirt pocket.

5 Responses to “And The Winner Is….”

  1. I think your picture (on your honeymoon) is adorable. What a beautiful couple. At first glance I thought it was a picture of Audrey. You can sure tell your mother & daughter.

  2. Oh, this is classic!!!!
    Okay, friends, don’t you think that Bryan looks like Mic Fleetwood???????

  3. Yeah Dave~

    He does look a bit like Mic–

    They both look adorable. I want that picture on my wall…..Such a great picture. I think that should be on a billboard somewhere.


  4. As I opened this, I thought – wow they sure found a pic that looks a lot like them! Ha! How cool! Perfect!

  5. PS I didn’t know there were “obvious Younger jokes.” I thought I was inventing them. Hhahahhaha!

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