Christmas Music

First , let me say this I like Christmas music. Some of it is great stuff Nat King Cole’s “Christmas Song” and Bing Crosby’s  “White Christmas” comes to mind. Another favorite is Trans Siberian Orchestra’s” Carol of the Bells”, whats not to like there, a hard rock beat screaming guitars, I’ll never think of” Carol of the Bells” the same again. But some of it is just awful. Some of my least favorites are “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”, or Band Aid’s ” Do They Know It’s Christmas?”, great cause bad song. My least favorite is Paul McCartney’s( is that how you spell his name) “Wonderful Christmas Time”. Sorry if you like it , I can’t stand it. Just because one of the Beatles made it does not mean it’s a great song. Not only do I not like it but I’ve heard it 3 times already. Once before Thanksgiving, twice yesterday. On the same radio station.

Everybody has a song that is like fingernails on a chalkboard to them. I bet even Jeanie has a few songs she dispises . So what are they? I want to know your lists of awful Christmas songs. It could just be a rendition of a song by a particular artist. Like Bruce Springsteen’s ” Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”( EWWW).

Let me know. Bryan

One more thing. If I add sleigh bells to “Smoke On The Water” does that make it a Christmas song? I think I’ll keep count how many times I hear Paul’s song this year. I’m up to 3.

4 Responses to “Christmas Music”

  1. Oh yes – this one comes to mind by Kenny Rogers:

    “They shut down the mine last summer, we’re gettin’ by on welfare
    It’s Christmas Eve, I’m walkin’ home, not a dollar to my name
    Night is almost on me, a night I’m almost dreading
    No store bought gifts to open, but there’ll be Christmas just the same.

    It’s just another homemade Christmas in Kentucky
    Just odds and ends I fashioned with my heart and with my hands
    It’s just another homemade Christmas in Kentucky
    Our fine and fancy homemade love, God’s precious gift from up above
    Make up the homemade Christmas of this poor Kentucky man.

    There’s a brand new Barlow knife with a shiny wooden handle
    Gleamin’ in the window down at Galen Johnson’s store
    My wide eyed little Billy Boy, his face pressed to the window
    Too young for understandin’ what it means to be so poor.

    Little Linda ain’t no baby, hell she turns thirteen in April
    She’s been dreamin’ about that dolly in the window for half her life
    She’s old enough to realize that it ain’t never comin’
    I’d damn near rob a bank to get that doll and Billy’s knife.

    It’s just another homemade Christmas in Kentucky
    Just odds and ends I fashioned with my heart and with my hands
    It’s just another homemade Christmas in Kentucky…”…ETC!

    There is nothing that will make you go eeeeewwwwwww like this song at Christmas. DON’T remind us how poor we are and how stupid the gifts we are giving to people will seem…seriously.

    PS – If the mine was closed last summer – where has he been? Why was he walking home through town? Was he out drinking his $$$ away?

  2. Heather Weiland Says:

    Okay, Bruce Springstien’s version of Santa Claus is coming to town is one of the WORST SONGS–I cannot stand his music…..

    The Christmas Shoes song is another one that is pretty pathetic. I have no idea who it’s by, but the little bleep in my head is this:

    Sir I wanna buy these shoes
    for my mama please,
    It’s Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size.

    I bet you’ve caught on by now, and the rest is simply not worth repeating!!

  3. Now personally I like Kenny Rogers Homeade Christmas, it causes me to cry each time I hear it. Poor Little Linda and that urchin Billy, it’s just a song about a dad that wants to provide for his kids but because of those political oil teaty embargo boycots on the coal mines then poor Kenny can’t even buy his kid a Barlow knife, whatever the heck that is? And Little Linda? Thirteen? In Kentucky, I don’t know what she wants a doll for anyway, unless it’s for one of her own two kids. But it still makes me cry. I cry for the Kentucky man who hacks up black soot evertime he breathes and all he wants is to stay off the Welfare. Yes indeed, I cry for the Kennys of the world…
    I’m about ready to put a few things on my blog about some songs…
    Been formulating…
    a shameless commercial…

  4. […] I know I’ve written about bad Christmas music before {click this link Christmas Music}. But I think I’ve fond a new favorite. Pearl and I were looking at a display of Christmas […]

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