Linus Christmas Monologue

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When I was a child watching this I always wondered what this was about.  Now that I all grown up (sort of) I think this is one of the single greatest moments in animation. I wonder how many people have been changed by this. Who would have thought that God would use a cartoon character that carries a blanket and sucks his thumb to tell the story of Christ’s birth to millions of children. Maybe God is telling us it’s OK that we’re imperfect and we’re still able to share his message, or maybe that we should be more childlike when it comes to approaching him. We are, after all, his children. I want to sit on his lap and have him tell me stories. I refuse to grow up. Merry Christmas!!!

2 Responses to “Linus Christmas Monologue”

  1. Dave was telling me that they played this on KOA talk radio this week and were inundated with people thanking them because it is THE Christmas moment they all remember.

    I LOVE that God says His Word will return to Him void, but it will accomplish what He sends it out to do. Every Christmas, as people by the thousands listen to Linus recite the Word of God about Jesus and His reason for coming , I KNOW it is piercing peoples hearts, a tiny seed, perhaps, but it will accomplish something in them. I am certain of it!

  2. Sorry, I didn’t delurk on this one.

    I am also a big time fan of this moment in tv history. My kids are subjected to it, and they enjoy it, and there are many other classic Christmas cartoons they can’t even sit through.

    I have always loved Linus. He’s my fave. So cute and unassuming, intelligent but has his hang ups…(heee heee). Besides, he knew God’s word, and the meaning of Christmas. He had my heart from that point on!

    I agree, Jeanie. His word will NOT return to Him void. God has a plan and purpose, and Charles Schultz played his part in God’s plan well.

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