Happy Birthday Audrey

Audrey turns twenty today. Wow, how is that possible? I remember when she was born like it was yesterday. I got an emergency call at work at about 5:30 A.M. . My supervisor at the time sent one of my friends to “gently tell Bryan that his wife is in labor”. It was very cold that night, a snowstorm had come through the day before. I drove home after scraping just enough of the windshield to see out of it. I got home and whisked Pearl off to the hospital. We hurriedly got her admitted and then we waited … we listened to the woman in the room next to ours scream her lungs out, and waited… and waited, you get the idea. We were there at about 6:30 Audrey was born in the evening about 12 hours later. The whole time Pearl was on her back because they had purposely broken her water and placed a monitor on Audrey’s scalp. Very little progress was made all day long . Strong contractions a couple minutes apart most of the day. No progress. Until they gave Pearl drugs. While they were administering the epidural Pearl’s mother and sister showed up. Pearl was not in a good place at that moment, a lot of pain and it showed. It scared the crap out of Anna, her eyes looked like saucers and she turned pale. She excused herself and came back after the drugs had taken effect. Pearl was much happier now.

audrey3.jpg audrey1.jpg

Audrey was born a while later. I remember going to the restroom just before they took Pearl to the delivery room. I looked at myself at the mirror and said to myself ” Are you ready to do this?, You have to be strong for her.” I was scared to death but couldn’t show it. I was also exhausted, I had been awake for almost 30 hours now. I know all the women out there are saying “You were exhausted?!! Poor baby. What about Pearl”. Sorry I was tired, emotionally and physically.

Finally she came out. This little slimy blue bundle was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. But she couldn’t breathe. They hurried her away to get her breathing and place her under an oxygen hood. We saw other new mothers holding their babies’ ours was in intensive care. We didn’t get to hold her until until later.  Seemed like forever. But she was OK. Thank God.

audrey2.jpg audrey4.jpg

Now she’s Twenty, married, and expecting her first child. Where did the time go. That was the longest day of my life. And the best. I would do it all over again. The love I have for my daughter is immeasurable. I look forward to meeting my granddaughter. I hope she looks like her mother. Happy birthday Audrey. 


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Audrey”

  1. Oh-sweet Audrey-I LOVE when you seek me out at church to give me one of your big hugs! You are getting more beautiful by the day! Happy happy happy happy happy birthday! May every single day in the coming year be filled with happiness and delight and may all the joy you’ve sown with your contageous smile come back to you a hundred-fold!

  2. Oh-and what a cute little girl you were!!!…wonder if your little girl could possibly be as cute as you? Hmmmm….I am betting she will!

  3. Wow. What blessings you give to your daughter, Bry. You know I am reading this book called Captivating, by Jon & Stasi Eldridge (Jon also wrote….oh crud I can’t remember it right now—OH YEAH, Wild at Heart!) AHA!

    Anyhoo–in the book Captivating, they talk about how little girls get their first impressions of their Father God from their earthly father. I’ve heard it before, and it makes sense to me. When I read your words to Audrey, and piece together all I’ve known of you over the years, I can see a beautiful picture of what you’ve shown her of her Father God. Kindness, compassion, ears that listen, a tender heart, good to be around…the list could truly go on.

    Job well done Bry. You’ve done your part well.

    And as for Audrey. Happy birthday beautiful woman. You are grounded, intelligent, gifted, sweet, kind, funny, courageous, the list could truly go on.

    I celebrate your birth, your life and your future. May the blessings of your Heavenly Father wash over you every single day of 2008~and beyond!

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