Happy Birthday Steven

A week ago I told you the story of Audrey’s birth on her birthday. Well now its Steven’s birthday and this is his story. January 3 1992 Pearl was very close to her due date so we were ready for him to come any day. Pearl started having contractions early in the morning maybe 2 or 3 in the morning. So we pack up Audrey ( who is four at this time) call my parents to warn them that we are bringing her over and that Pearl is ready. We go to the hospital and Pearl is admitted, things are going well. Then all of a sudden….. nothing, no more contractions , they just ended. We wait at the hospital for a while but nothing. It was Braxton Hicks contractions. They send us home . We were a little disappointed. We got home and went for a walk at Rotella park . Not a long one just one to maybe start stuff up again. But nothing.

January 4 1992. Pearls due date. It starts up again at the same time in the morning. We pack Audrey up again call my parents, and rush to the hospital…again. This time it was going to be different. We were going to have a baby at any cost. Things were going well again. We got a great nurse , she was like a drill sergeant. She would even order the doctors around. Pearl , after the experience of Audrey’s birth, didn’t want to lay on her back again for hours, so we walked , stood and hugged for most of the day for as long as she could stand it. Things were going well.

In the four years between Audrey and Steven the hospital had changed. They had created birthing rooms. A great idea. It looked like a regular room but when it needed to it transformed. Things just exploded from the walls, it was amazing. It also had TV and comfortable chairs. Which was great because it was a playoff day for the Broncos. While Pearl was in labor the we were watching the Cowboys and Falcons game , the drill sergeant said that when things got close she was going to turn it off. Very depressing, but she didn’t. In fact every time the doctor came in he paid more attention to the game than Pearl. He said” lets use suction” like a child with a new toy. The drill sergeant said” You better get over here she’s pushing”. While Pearl was delivering he had his hands ready to catch and had his head turned around to watch the game. The Cowboys won, as did the Broncos. Another Elway comeback against the Oilers. A great game. Oh yeah, and Steven was born in the second half of the Cowboy’s game. Pearl pushed him out without drugs, I’m still amazed by that. While they were cleaning him up he said his first word. ” Mama” I swear he did. Actually it was mucus in his mouth while he was crying , but it came out ” Mama “. He said that a lot the next few years He didn’t like me much but loved his mama.

steven4.jpg steven3.jpg

Before he was born we asked Audrey what she want the baby to be a brother or a sister. She said a brother . She got her wish. I called her from the hospital and told her ” It’s a Steven” . I could hear her screaming it to my parents over the phone. I went to my parents to get her and take her to meet her brother. I still remember her holding him for the first time. She loved him. You could tell that there was a bond there right away. It’s still there now. It may have been strained at times but its still there. That night Audrey and I went home, Pearl and Steven stayed in the hospital, one of the few times Pearl and I have been apart. The next morning I had the most rude awakening I’ve ever had, but the cutest. I was woken up by Audrey. She had a hand on each side of my face and started shaking my head. She knew Steven was coming home and couldn’t wait to see him again.

steven1.jpg steven2.jpg

Steven eventually started to like me, I think it took about a year. He is growing into an amazing young man. He is a talented musician and has a great sense of humor. He keeps us laughing all the time. He’s one of my best friends now. I love spending time joking around with him, unfortunately for Pearl he’s gotten my sense of humor. So she’s outnumbered now that Audrey has moved out.


Happy Birthday Steven. Love you bud.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Steven”

  1. I don’t remember any of that! Just going to grandma’s. Happy birthday Steven!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Steven (a bit late). Kid-you lucked out with these parents and they with you! Great photos, great kid!!

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