My Friends

We have been blessed. We have been given the greatest treasure anyone could receive. Great friends. At a point in time when Pearl and I had very few, we were blessed with Dave and Jeanie.

We met them at New Hope about 4 years ago. I got to know Dave when we worked on Vacation Bible School together. I ran sound he was the master of ceremonies or ” The Big Kahuna”( it was a tropical island theme). Up until that time we had been doing the Sunday morning greeting thing and I had only seen him in his Sunday go to meeting clothes. He showed up in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals and a straw hat. I almost laughed. I didn’t know at the time that was pretty much how he dresses when he’s at home. He was up onstage jumping around like a monkey, a trumpet in one hand a drumstick in the other. Making noise with the trumpet and banging on the drums at the same time. The whole time Jeanie was in the crowd of kids cheering him on. I thought to myself ” Lord what is this?”. It was a man giving his all to serve God with all his heart. Dave’s passion is kids not just his own, but everyone’s. He just loves them.

Jeanie at that time, if I recall correctly, had just become Director of Involvement at the church and she was impressed with the decorations Pearl and I had come up with. We made a volcano that had confetti cannons in it . So she was impressed by paper mache, compressed air, and shiny bits of paper fluttering through the air ( couldn’t resist poking fun at her). She spent the next couple of years keeping us busy decorating, and serving. She was great at her job and under appreciated. She has an ability to see the potential in people and gives her all to bring it out of them. Her heart is singing praises to God, a trait she passed down to her kids. That’s where I got to know her , running sound for her. Of all the times I’ve heard her sing what I remember most is her singing her heart out next to the sound booth when she wasn’t on stage.  Just her and God, a beautiful thing to see and hear.

Together they have become the closest friends Pearl and I have had. We admire their faith, wisdom, and knowledge of God. We have relied on their advice time and time again. It is always sound. They have a way of making you feel like you’re a part of their family. Now we consider their kids our friends too. They are awesome kids. They are the example of how everyone wants their kids to turn out, a reflection of their parents sound teaching.

We were all called away from New Hope but our friendship continues. I look forward to the things we do and experience together in the future. We love you guys.

The Rhoades family, soon to be plus another grandchild.


P.S. I had to write this because Dave told everyone to read my blog last night.

8 Responses to “My Friends”

  1. Carolyn Kerr Says:

    Awesome job, last night. Dave and Jeanie are lucky to have such friends as you and Pearl. Thank you so much for inviting us to share a wonderful time with all of you. We look forward to doing it again. Hope Jeanie wa serious when she said she wanted to do another Breakaway. Keep up the fantastic writing.

  2. Wow!!!! I am bawling! (like normal) Hey, it’s okay to cry guys! And it doesn’t have to be your “feminine” side either. Be a man, cry like the Broncos lost the Super Bowl!
    You and Pearl have been such a blessing to us through the years! We have navigated some interesting waters together over the past few years; a microcosm of pain and a plethora of joy! I heard the song yesterday by Tracy Lawrence, “You Find Out Who Your Friends Are” and when I hear it, I always think of both of you, here is a snippit…
    You find out who your friends are
    Somebody’s gonna drop everything
    Run out and crank up their car
    Hit the gas, get there fast
    Never stop to think ‘what’s in it for me?’ or ‘it’s way too far’
    They just show on up with their big old heart
    You find out who your friends are
    That is truly Bryan and Pearl Younger…
    We love you too!

  3. Hey, Jeanie used my laptop last and it remembered her name. That last post was me!!!!
    So you should probably edit it, the feminie side has no meaning otherwise!!!!

    Dave Rhoades

  4. here I thought I was doing such a great job of expressing my feelings…
    the Lord resists the proud and gives grace to the humble
    Dave Rhoades Vance Refridgeration

  5. I could get you a better picture where my eyes are not shut… No, forget it, my eyes are always shut!

  6. See, I didn’t lurk.
    In fact, it’s almost stalking now…

  7. Before you guys honored us with a night all our own, before you wrote this amazingly honoring tribute, I had been thinking about using Valentine’s Day ’08 to write letters to friends – real friends, thanking them for showing me what it all means.

    Pearl knows how many times I have bemoaned the fact that I am friendship-relationally-challenged, just feeling I don’t get it.

    But you guys really do. And I am learning – all because you haven’t given up on me. I am learning!

    They say in life you probably deserve your enemies, but rarely deserve your friends and I am pretty sure for me, that is true. I don’t deserve you, but I am glad I’ve got you anyway!

  8. I wrote my own (late) tribute to Dave and Jeanie, right here in this very spot I am typing in. Spent (at least) 20 minutes, and I wasn’t finished. Technology would have nothing of it, and locked up and shut the website down.

    I will re-write, but now i must attend to my little one who is patiently waiting for me to play Polly Pockets with her.

    Short version—Dave, Jeanie. I love you guys. More than I can say. You are such incredibly dear friends to me. I know I am blessed to have you in my life.

    check out my blog, maybe I will have time to put the full tribute there today.

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