Working Out Update

Well, I weigh myself on saturday mornings. I didn’t do very well. I stayed the same. At least I didn’t gain. I’m not suprised though, I didn’t eat well and the shoulder injury took a little wind out of my sails. I’ll do better next week. By the way I started out at 239 I’m now at 230. 239 is the heaviest I’ve ever been. The lightest I’ve been since highschool was 205. That was about a year after Pearl and I got married. I’m shooting for around 215. I’m a thick necked german and most of the males in my family are easily 200+.  For a 45 year old in the Younger family 215 is a really good weight. Even Steven as thin as he is is already over 200. We’re just built that way. This is about accountability so I will keep you posted.

One Response to “Working Out Update”

  1. Broad shouldered people are the luckiest – they can carry some bulk – think: Raymond Burr!

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