Nemo Was Cool

800x600.jpgWell we went to Nemo and it was extremely cute, Pearl lit up just like I said she would. What she really enjoyed was the little girl next to her. She was pointing stuff out to Pearl and Pearl was talking to her. Pearl’s going to be a fantastic grandma.

That being said this blog is really about the stuff going happening on and off the stage. The production was amazing. I’m and old stage hand so I was watching sets , you know how they set up, how they looked, that sort of stuff. The stuff that came from behind the curtain was amazing, a volcano, a shark that had two skaters in it, a whale, turtle and various set pieces all looked just like the cartoon. Stuff even came down from the ceiling including skaters. I wanted to see what was happening backstage. That would have been cool for me.

Now the not so cute part. The commercialism. When we walked in we immediately bombarded with everything Disney. Nemo was on everything, I mean everything. There were hats, stuffed animals, cups, even the popcorn bags. There was guy giving away t-shirts and in return all you had to do was fill out a credit application. So for a t-shirt you gave a company all your personal information. When we walked in we bought a couple of bottles of water for $6.50 I thought gas was expensive. I saw a guy selling cotton candy that had a Nemo shaped hat attached to it and I thought that would make a cool picture with Steven wearing it. But about the time I was ready to buy it I  heard someone ask how much the popcorn was, six dollars, SIX DOLLARS!  For popcorn? It wasn’t even a big bag, the bag just had Nemo on it. I was afraid to ask what the cotton candy  cost. There was a family of 5 sitting in front of us and I started to do the math. It cost us $21.50 a ticket just to get in the door so that’s $107.50 for admission. They had souvenirs, drinks, food. They came back from one trip to the shopping zone with a clear plastic Nemo with lights in it, they spoke Spanish so I’m not exactly sure what they said but I’m sure the wife asked the dad how much it was. I could just tell by their expressions. He said “vente cinco”, now I still know enough of my high-school Spanish to know that’s 25. I figure the family spent in excess of $200. I didn’t want to figure out what the group of 10 payed in front of them that would make my brain hurt. So we bought no souvenirs. I think Disney made enough money yesterday. I’m all for family fun but geez that makes my wallet hurt. But you know what? If we were taking our kids ( or soon to be grand-kid) we probably would have spent a bunch of money too. You can’t put a price on the smile of a child.( I still wouldn’t buy a $25 plastic Nemo I would find something less expensive, kids like bottled water right? What if I put a Nemo  sticker on it?)

3 Responses to “Nemo Was Cool”

  1. oh dad. You better not spoil my kid!!! You never even bought stuff like that for me and Steven when we were kids.

  2. Thank you babe! I had a wonderful time. Lets do it again with the kids 😉 xxoo

  3. Yeah but it was Nemo.
    Sure, the cotton candy and popcorn was more than two days wages at a commercial dry cleaners, but it was for a good cause. Paul Yanover (new head of Disney) needed to redeocrate his office after Michael Eisner left that wall painted Goofy Green.
    Yanover is stretching his legs, flexing his muscles and seeing just far he can stretch the common man’s pocket book before there is nothing left for the kids to attend therapy about. “Yeah, my dad was so rotten, he wouldn’t take us to see Nemo on ice!”
    Did Nemo live in the North Atlantic?
    Thus the ice skates????
    $6.00 popcorn, hmmmm… I don’t even want to ask about the All Beef Hotdogs!

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