It’s a Boy! Its a Boy!

Everyone thought the next family member was going to be a girl, even the doctors. Well they were all wrong! It’s a boy. His current name is Abner but that will change. He was born about three months ago and weighs about 20 pounds. He’s black, and stocky and fuzzy. He’s a Retriever mixed with, as near as anyone can guess, German Shepard, or Rottweiler, or horse. Who knows, but he’s pretty big for a three month old, but cuuuute! Floppy ears and lots of fur. He had to stay at the Dumb Friends League to be neutered. We pick him up later today so I will post pictures then. Now if we could just think of a name, Abner has got to go. Got any ideas?

2 Responses to “It’s a Boy! Its a Boy!”

  1. You scared me for a moment – I thought my whole shower decor would be thrown out the window!

    Congratulations on your new addition!

  2. amazingaudri Says:

    nice dad. I started to wonder who had a kid that I didn’t know about! I can’t wait to see the dog!

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