My Life As a Video Game

OK everyone knows I work in a warehouse. The warehouse is set up in a maze like grid of racks and aisles and we drive up and down them all day. When I started there I used to think of myself as a rat in a maze. Running up and down the aisles as fast as I could so I could get my reward( my paycheck).

But no longer. My company is currently trying to save energy by replacing the mercury vapor lights with energy saving  fluorescent lights. Every single fixture has a motion sensor on it and will turn off if nobody goes under it. When we come back from breaks almost every light is off. So as you drive down an aisle the lights turn on one at a time. I am no longer a rat I am now Pac Man. Except I turn on the lights. I drive up and down the aisles as fast as I can turning on the lights so I can get a bonus( incentive pay). I hope I don’t run into any ghosts in the dark when I’m about to finish a level( work day). We don’t have any bouncing fruit( ok we do when we drop a pallet) but we do have tours that I could run into. Maybe I could get a bonus if I knock them all down. ( Actually I have long referred to the tours as bowling pins, they are usually chefs and occasionally they come in wearing their tall chef hats and  uniform. To me they look like bowling pins especially if there is a group of them.)

Pac Man skull

Kind of looks like my head doesn\'t it ?? Kind of looks like my head, doesn’t it?

4 Responses to “My Life As a Video Game”

  1. You’re hilarious. Gotta pass the time some way, huh?

  2. We used to have those at Target, years ago. It was fun to see how slow you could move and not turn on the lights. Stealth Ninja style.
    On the other hand, I think it is a conspiracy propogated by managment to see where you are in the warehouse. Why not just put those orange flags on your lifts that poke above the speed racks like some sort of Asian grocery store?
    Of course, if you take a nap and eventually stop moving, the lights will go out and all is again, right with the world…

  3. If I take a nap in the freezer I will die of hypothermia.

  4. that picture kinda looks like like the fromn part of the head from one of the aliens in AVP…

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