Nytis No More

Well we tried Nytis on the puppy and it didn’t seem to fit. OK really we’re just getting senile and could never remember his name. We would have to remember the king in “300” Leonidis and then shorten it to Nytis in our mind before we could call him. It just didn’t flow off the tongue. So we have name 2.0 it is now Roddy. Kind of a cute name, the noble name seemed strange for a goofy puppy. Roddy seems to fit him much better and we can remember it. The  name comes from the movie Flushed Away. It’s the main character’s name. I think he likes it

3 Responses to “Nytis No More”

  1. well, he does seem to be cracking a smile there~

    Or maybe he’s thinking about how Bry looks like the duck on Alyssa’s bath towels???

  2. I think Roddy is better also.

    When I first saw the title Nytis, I thought of Nits, as in lice.
    I thought: “Oh, no, the dog picked up some lice somewhere”.

    No, Nytis…

    And then I thought of Unitas, as in Johnny Unitas of the Colts when they were still in Baltimore.

    All in all, I think Roddy is better.
    However, he doesn’t look like Roddy McDowell????

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