People At Their Worst

I live in an area that has a lot of Hispanic( possibly illegal) people in it, and yet I’m not afraid of that. Most of them, I believe, are working to improve their lives through hard work. Just like most of us do, just like most of our ancestors did. There was a group of men living down the street, most of whom were painters with company vans. Last Thursday they were evicted and all their belongings were thrown onto the front lawn. It was a pile chest high filling the entire front lawn. When I first noticed the eviction they were picking up their belongings loading them into any vehicle that could carry something. I assume they got everything they wanted. If not, when they left the vultures moved in. A couple of hours later I noticed that there was still people picking up stuff.  Not the owners, just the people from the neighborhood ( not just Hispanics), they would drive by slowly like they were looking over a garage sale and stop if they saw something they wanted. At times it looked like a swarm of of bees on a honeycomb. This went on for two days. Just because it was on the lawn doesn’t mean it was free to take! By the time they were done picking over the remnants of someone else’s life there was nothing left but a pile of broken furniture, which from what I saw wasn’t broken in the beginning, and trash. It was disgusting to me. What was in the pile that the people couldn’t live without? If their house was hit by a tornado and their belongings were scattered across the lawn would they want the vultures to come and help themselves? It wasn’t theirs to take, they basically were all stealing just as if they broke into the house and started throwing things around. Well, at least in my mind. Would things have been different in a different neighborhood? I doubt it.

One Response to “People At Their Worst”

  1. Wow, that is a sad commentary on our society and I think the families of the Hurricane Katrina trajedy would tell you they experienced the same. Even though we know our belongings are temporal, how would it feel to have some one look them over, covet and even steal them?

    The very small instances of theft we have dealt with, a couple of CD players out of the car, a camera once, etc – have felt like great violations. Like: my car is parked at my house. Why on earth would you think you could take my stuff??

    The only good thing? God sees. I hope the guys who were evicted are restored what was theirs.

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