You Can Call Her “A”

You can call her A or you can call her J . Or you can call her AJK, or you can call her Alyssa, or you can call her Jayden, or you can call her Alyssa Jayden Kesler, or you can call her Allie or you can call her Lyssa but you doesn’t have to call her Al.

Sorry I didn’t update last night, I was sleeping. Alyssa was born at 1:58 this morning, I was sleeping in the waiting area. We left before they measured her so we don’t know her vitals yet.

Here’s a picture

Lots of hair, and I think she looks like her dad.

Thanks for all your prayers, they were very needed it was a long and hard delivery. More pics to come.

5 Responses to “You Can Call Her “A””

  1. GORGEOUS!!! I was thinking she looks like Pearl…

  2. Wow!!! The gift of life! Always a thrill! Congrats to all. There is nothing like being a husband, then father, then grandfather in my opinion. It is such a sacred rite that at times it is overwhelming. And when Alyssa first calls you Dra Draw or Papa or Grandpa, you become a blithering idiot! You thank the Lord for allowing you be a part of the sanctity of their lives and for allowing you to shape and mold another person toward Him.
    I could go on and on, of course, but since I am in a public place, I better wipe the tears and go to lunch.
    My blessings and congratulations on all of the Younger and Kesler families!!!!!!!
    Be blessed.
    Alyssa, may you be blessed with your going out and your coming in from this day forward and even forever more… AMEN

  3. WOOO HOOOO!!!!!

    And the angels rejoice at the sight of the new baby girl, Alyssa Jayden Kesler.

    How absolutely wonderful that she came on April 30th, instead of May 29th, which is the date I picked…(Sorry Audrey!)

    My love to you all!

  4. Katherine Keahey Says:

    Congratulations everyone! Alyssa is beautiful.

    Miss you guys.

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