Earthbound Misfit

Pearl and I got up REAL early Saturday morning. We got up at 4:30 hurriedly got ready, and were on the road at 5:00. WE stopped by the ATM and MC Donalds and picked up what resembled food. All to go see a balloon launch in Erie at 6:00. We got there at 5:30 we wandered around the golf course where the launch was happening but there was only a few balloon chase teams there. But I did find 9 golf balls. So we went back to the car and sat down for a while saying “Where are all the balloons they are supposed to launch at 6:00 ?”. Right at 6:00 the balloon teams started showing up’ it was a seemingly endless stream of trucks with trailers pulling onto the golf course. There was somewhere between 50 to 60 balloons. We got to watch them inflate the balloons while we were walking between and around them. It was amazing to be under the giant balloons and look up at them.Then they would gracefully and almost silently( except for the occasional whoosh from the burners) take off into the sky. The colors of all the balloons together with the golden morning sunlight was almost to much for the eyes to take.

  Can you find the Bryan shaped balloon? Pearl took all the pictures. She has some great pictures on her blog( ). The whole time we were there I had the song ” Learning To Fly” by Pink Floyd running through my mind, especially the chorus.

Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies, I’m tongue tied and twisted just an earthbound misfit.

Here’s the live version of the song, I just love the background singers/ dancers.

3 Responses to “Earthbound Misfit”

  1. You guys are such adventurous rockers!

  2. I’m guessing the one that looks like you isz the smiley face with arms and legs. You two look so alike!!

  3. That would have been great!
    I am in awe of those things that are so huge! But I would have really been dwarfted if I were close up!

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