Our New Job

Pearl and I have volunteered to help at Heavenfest and the other day we received our official job titles Directors of Health And Safety. YIKES!!! That sounds WAY important. I’m the guy who used to break boards over my head and I’m the guy who used to dent napkin holders at Shakeys with my head, and I’m in charge of health!! ( Right now my old friends are going” I remember that” and my new friends are saying ” That explains a lot”). I’m the guy who broke his knee in a 5MPH motorcycle crash. I’m the guy that stepped on a cherry tomato in an area of the warehouse where no tomatoes should have been, and wrenched his back( I told you before I hate tomatoes). I’m the guy who has hit his head so many times that the top of my head is covered in scars( check it out sometime, you can really see them when I have a tan). I’m the guy who was tapping a 12 inch square brick with a rubber mallet and managed to hit my thumb in stead of the brick.( I have the bruised thumb nail to prove it) I’m the guy who has crashed his forklift at work … twice!!( OK, both times the forklift malfunctioned) and I’m in charge of the safety of 10,000+ people. YIKES!! They’re all doomed!!

 Well, that was my initial reaction. But I’m over that now. I’ll just trust that God knows what he’s doing( he works in mysterious ways you know) and pray for the safety of everyone at the festival. They’re going to NEED the prayers with me in charge.

Here’s the promotional stuff. It’s going to be a great day. God is going to move BIG time!!


Heaven Fest

I know it got cut off. I’m being lazy and don’t want ot resize it right now.You get the idea.

I forgot to write about the time I caught my own arm in the power window while trying to retrieve my ATM card from the machine. GEEEEZ! I’m such a klutz!!!

6 Responses to “Our New Job”

  1. thats kinda funny. Just think of it this way, you hurt yourself more than anyone else I know (except for myself). If anyone is going to get hurt, it will most likely be you!

  2. Now I remember why we bought life insurance. hehehe.

  3. I feel safe with you-knowing you have figured out every possible way to get hurt, you can watch out for the rest of us!

  4. amazingaudri Says:

    I’ve got a new one for you. I managed to pinch my finger on one of the vaccuum attachments today!!!!

  5. I remember the napkin holders – once rectangular, then in one large “womp!” hourglass shaped!

  6. You’ll be able to handle it, and in an efficient manner as always.
    Thanks for doing this!

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