Happy Birthday Pearl

I was once told I was the marrying kind by a friend. I didn’t know what she meant until I met Pearl. We’ve been together now for going on 26 years and it seems like yesterday I was telling her how I felt about her. We’ve grown up together, raised a family together, and now we’re grandparents. I never once saw myself doing any of those things before I met Pearl. I just was bumbling through life trying to figure out where I was going to party the next night. When I started liking her other it became clear that I needed to change. She was better than I and I knew it. She has made me the man I am. For that I cannot express my gratitude in words. I guess it just took the right woman to bring out the marrying man in me. I love you Pearl. Happy birthday.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Pearl”

  1. She is a priceless jewel! Happy Birthday, Pearl!

  2. amazingaudri Says:

    Happy Birthday mom!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Pearl! You are both so very blessed to share life together. I am so glad Bryan was the marrying kind!

  4. I love you too Bry. I cant take the credit for the person you’ve become. I give that credit to our Lord and Savior. I am truely blessed to have you in my life and to share my birthday’s with you.
    P.S. Thanks for the lopsided cake I loved it!

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