I Hate To Tell You I Told You So, But…

You all laughed at my disdain for the tomato like I was the “special” kid in the back of the class eating library paste. You all scoffed at me like I was the guy with a foil hat on saying that the aliens probed me. But no more , I AM VINDICATED!!! The tomatoes around the world are rising up and making people sick just because they ate one raw. Ha, I will not be joining those people  while they are kneeling at the porcelain alter. Just remember I told you so……

Other tomato blogs I have written are in Tomato Stuff on the side of this page.

Check out this video http://killertomatoes.com/movies_story.asp?movieIdno=1&page=1

4 Responses to “I Hate To Tell You I Told You So, But…”

  1. Oh Babe! You just couldn’t resist. Well, I can still eat the one’s on the vine!

  2. amazingaudri Says:

    Dad, I’m sorry to say it but you are loosing it! Besides, you can still eat the cherry, ones on the vine and the homegrown ones!!!!!!! They aren’t gone yet!!!

  3. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are evil and spirilous movies. NO NO NO, a thousand times NO!

    Good night, alreeady-where did you find this? YIKES!

  4. Bryan, I’m so there with you. Tomatoes are sorely overrated.

    *ducks and hides to avoid Jeanie’s “mom look”*

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