The other day we had a swarm of bees is our back yard.Pearl already wrote about this on her blog but I felt I needed to write my point of view. here it is….EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!  A few bees I can deal with but come on!! That swarm is about the size of a small watermelon! Pearl wrote about how interesting the bees were and how she was happy to save them( I just want them to DIE! I know they’re important to the ecosystem but do they have to base themselves in my yard?The bee keeper told Pearl he was stung 5 times the day before, I say he needs a new hobby. He also told Pearl that the remainder of the bees would leave but we still have a clump about the size of a softball hanging in our tree. I want to spray them but if I get stung I might swell up like the Michelin Man. Maybe if I set the tree on fire ???????? I guess I’ll have to let my brave wife save me from the swarm.


  1. I’m laughing my head off! I think the swarm was larger then a small watermelon babe. I would say more like one of these large long watermelons and a couple of cantalopes. As much as I want to save the bees, and because I love you so much, your BRAVE wife took take of the rest. You can enjoy the backyard once again.

  2. But bees are nice.

  3. […]  Bee sting. I was walking through the rec fields where we played ball and got stung on the thigh. It was probably no big thing but I was around five and I cried like a baby. I still have a fear of bees. I wrote about it before ( ) […]

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