My Hero !!!

Well they’re dead. No more swarm. They had their chance to leave but in the end it came down to me or the bees. I think Pearl made the right decision. You know killing the bees and not me. So my brave wife saved me from the bees while I hid at work. If I was at home I would have been cowering in the house with my skirt tucked between my legs. I feel like such a sissy!!! My wife on the other hand was out there sticking her nose into the swarm to get pictures. When the bee keeper came out to get the bees he wore an entire beekeepers suit.

  WHAT A SISSY!! Pearl went out there just in her regular clothes armed only with a can of foaming insecticide. She is now Pearl The Warrior Princess, Slayer of Bees. I am her bumbling sidekick hiding behind her. I’ll have to make her a deal. She kills the bees and I won’t make her go into the crawlspace where the spiders are.

3 Responses to “My Hero !!!”

  1. amazingaudri Says:

    Isn’t it hard to hide behind mom? You are taller than her.

  2. Now killing the agressive wasp-oh yes! Are you sure the bee thing isn’t in your head? is there a picture or something of what would happen to you if you were stung by a bee? i need proof.

  3. I have a witness.

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