I’ve Gone Global

The other day I was looking at the stats for my blog and I noticed that I had several comments in my spam blocker. They all turned out to be the usual stuff for on line gambling, prescriptions for Viagra and Cialis( What’s up with that?) except for one. It came from Amsterdam and appeared to be a real comment. I guess when they say World Wide Web they really mean it. Unfortunately the spam blocker deleted the comment before I could retrieve it. Basically here is the overview of the comment, he liked the way my blog looked but thought the point got lost in the translation. I guess my sense of humor doesn’t translate into dutch (Maybe? I think that’s what they speak.) Or maybe I’m just not that funny. NAAAAA!!!! That’s not it, I crack myself up all the time( I’m a legend in my own mind). Well I guess you can’t please everyone but thanks for commenting MR. Amsterdamian ( Or is it Amsterdamite) keep reading and commenting I promise next time to catch it before it gets deleted. I do have to thank him also for helping to break my bloggers block , my brain has been pretty empty lately( actually that’s not that uncommon of an occurrence). The pressure of keeping thousands …errrr hundreds…..OK tens of people giggling at me was just to much. Not really there was just nothing funny going on right now. But look  out I have ideas now.

P.S. The point of my blog is this. It has no point.  It’s just random stuff that I scrape out of my skull. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not. 

One Response to “I’ve Gone Global”

  1. oh-it’s funny alright…

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