I Love My Dog

I was a little tentative about getting Roddy when we decided to get a dog. You know mostly about cleaning up all the poop. But yesterday he made my day. We were barbecuing the traditional hamburger and hot dog Fourth of July meal, Pearl was slicing up some burger toppings and she decided to give Roddy a slice of ( ugh) tomato. Which he quickly snatched up. I was thinking that I was going to have to disown him now for eating the tomato. He wallowed it around in his mouth for a few seconds and promptly spit it out. That’s right, my dog hates tomatoes.The dog that chews through a rawhide bone like a lion through a gazelle won’t eat a tomato. My dog would rather eat a stick than a tomato. My dumb Friend from the Dumb Friends League that thinks cat poop is a snack won’t eat a tomato. I’ve never been so proud of him, It brings a tear to my eye. I love my dog now I think I’ll keep him.

Note to self: Get a new picture of the dog.

3 Responses to “I Love My Dog”

  1. so that balances out the gender confusion????

  2. I am sorry, but your dog will snack on cat poop and not eat a tomato? Defintely a metro-sexual dog!

  3. Ever wander into a room, look around, not know why you’re there and wander back out again?
    That’s pretty much a dog’s life.
    Ever eat something off the floor, decide it’s not palatable, spit it out?
    That’s pretty much a baby’s and dog’s life.
    Don’t you want to know how the dog decides what they will and will not chew on?
    At what stage of the universe does cat poop and say a hamburger taste the same?
    I know that the dog’s smelling capabilities are 1000 times more powerful than ours, but they can’t tell the difference between cat poop and a tomato?
    And these are the animals that we use to track our missing persons and catch druggies????
    Just a thought…

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