The Fashion Police

I recently read an article in Newsweek magazine about kids with their pants sagging ( here’s a link . The Police Chief of Flint MI. has told his officers to arrest on sight anyone showing their underwear. Evidently seeing someones band on their underwear warrants a criminal record, 93days to a year in jail, and a $500 fine. Now I’m not a big fan of the look, but my son sags and I don’t see it as criminal. His butt is covered.

O.K the guy on the right I can see getting a ticket, but I have seen worse on a plumber. What about the girls with the tops of their thongs sticking out of their jeans that are so low that they barely cover their privates. How about arresting some of those models that wear shirts cut down to their navels. Or the fat guy at the pool wearing a Speedo.

Or maybe me?( I told you before I don’t have a butt.)

I personally would rather my police department spent their time on other things like, ohh… I don’t know catching real crooks, terrorists, the punks spray painting the neighborhood. You know maybe patrol my area once in a while. We pay them to serve and protect not to accessorize.

One Response to “The Fashion Police”

  1. Well said. Although I find I know more brand names and boxer-fabric patterns that I ever cared to (just by being in public), yes-a patrol of the neighborhood every once in awhile would be nice.

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