Christians Without Grace

I have a friend that was pretty much born in the baptistery and he was complaining about one of the candidates. (which one doesn’t matter this blog isn’t about that) One of them has admitted that he made mistakes in his life as a teenager. My friend pretty much stated that that was all he was and all he would ever be. Now the mistakes weren’t dissimilar to the ones that I’ve made in my life. So that made me feel that he was saying my salvation was a waste. I had to get up and walk away because I KNOW I’m not who I was. Isn’t that why Jesus died on the cross, to forgive us of our sins. Shouldn’t we extend the same grace to other sinners? This isn’t the first time I’ve heard him say stuff like that. He was once reading about a teenager that was killed by a classmate because he was gay. My friend said something like it served him right for coming out of the closet. Huh? How does being gay mean you deserve to die. How does a statement like that show him God’s love for him? How does that show God’s grace? I think the best way to show God’s grace is by trying to show someone God’s love other than using God as a blunt instrument. Bashing someone to pieces until he repents. I know sometimes some people need that but I think more often than not that chases people away from God. Thinking they are not worthy of God, so why try?

I guess I’ll extend grace to my friend even though he occasionally offends me with his ” Us four and no more attitude”. Showing him the grace he doesn’t show God’s people. God sent his son to die for everyone’s sin. EVERYONE’S! Not just the people my friend likes. Maybe if my friend had experenced some of the the problems that people not raised in the church had, he would be more forgiving.

By the way isn’t it possible that the candidates, both of them, aren’t perfect unlike my friend. And maybe, just maybe, they aren’t who they once were?

4 Responses to “Christians Without Grace”

  1. I would venture to say that neither candidate is who he was once. But I hope that is for the better…meaning it is like when some one becomes a candidate, they totally lay aside all of their true heart and conviction to please people to win. But, like yoiu said, this post isn’t about that.

    For your friend, maybe he didn’t stay under long enough when he got baptized. I say you sneak up on him a la Nacho lLbre, and shove his face in a bowl of cold water – in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, of course.

  2. “Christians without Grace.”

    Is that really possible? Can you have one without the other? No grace, no Christian?

  3. I too would prefer a candidate came out and said this is what I am no matter what and stick to their guns about it.

  4. Maybe I should have named this Christians Who Don’t Display Grace.

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