Men, Men, Men, Manly, Men, Men

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OK Steven and I went to the movies with my friends Dave and Corky. We saw The Dark Knight a very cool movie. We decided to do this because our wives / mother were at their third Thursday girlie get together. I think we had more fun. We got to see Batman kick but. They got to chat. They got to have a facial, we saw Batman give the Joker a knuckle facial. they got to blow off steam we got to see the Joker blow up a hospital. They probably had girlie food Steven and I had Mc donalds ( man food). While this was happening I thought to myself ” we got to go out because our wives / mother said we could”. I know that sounds like we’re whipped but I see it as we love and respect our wives. Yep, that’s my story , and I’m sticking to it! I’m just glad I didn’t mention that I had to ask my wife for money to go. I would really sound whipped then.

3 Responses to “Men, Men, Men, Manly, Men, Men”

  1. Hahhahahahhahhahhaaa!! Oh, you are too funny.

    The Dark Knight has nothing on us women!

  2. Well, I must stay, it was the 4th time for me to see Dark Knight and it didn’t disappoint! After that many times you can start watching for more detail that you missed in the scenes and the dialogue and how they applied Heath Ledger’s makeup. (who by the by, needs to win an Oscar, posthumously) And I payed attention more to the interior of the infamous Batmobile, something that has facinated me now since the 60’s. I saw the first real Batmobile as a child at an auto show at the Denver Coliseum that my brother Dale took me to when I was a kid, yes the actual car that the Caped Crusaider (so glad that Adam West DIDN’t make some appearance in the new movies)drove around in Hollywood!
    I must say; I did like the new model that Michael Keaton drove when they did the remake in 1989 and wondered which one they would come up with when the made Batman Begins.
    They outdid themselves!
    It’s the ulitmate urban assult vehicle that any guy would want to own: able to take on a garbage truck with a head on collision and drive the garbage truck backward a city block!
    And when all else fails? Eject and let it become the Batcycle!
    Plus you can go into “Intimidate” mode and fire off some rockets at the bad guys and blow up a few things!
    Yes, folks, we DID have fun! Again…

  3. Manly Men! I think you mean “BOYS”! I think you all enjoyed having Steven around just so you all could act like teenagers again. hehehe

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