The King

    Not Elvis, the Burger King. I think most people find him creepy. You know he always has that smile that makes you think ” What is going on in there?”. Well, he has a new commercial where he runs around putting money in strangers pockets. The police chase him for a few seconds, he runs into traffic and gets hit by a car. Am I the only one that cheered when he got hit? Or am I the only sicko out there? OK maybe I’m the head sicko but I know I’m not alone in this. It’s OK all you Creepy King lovers out there, he survived to give children nightmares on another day. I think he can only be killed by a stake in the heart. Anyone have VanHelsings number?

3 Responses to “The King”

  1. Aren’t you glad I sent you that picture! I cheered too!

  2. I agree, if this guy was looking in my window, I’d shoot him, drag him in the house and say he broke in! I don’t know how he’d get that big head in the window anyway.

  3. I kind of like him. How can you dislike someone who puts money back in your pocket.

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