I’m Now An Award Winning Writer

 There it is, my award. Isn’t it beautiful? Jeanie gave it to me. I think the antioxidants from all the tomatoes she eats have effected her thought processes. I mean, really, there is very little intelligent life here and most of the time I’m throwing virtual tomatoes at her. But I’m glad someone is reading. I’m supposed to pick seven of my favorite blogs and give them the award, but I only personally know a few of the bloggers I read and Jeanie gave most of them the award. So I feel it would be somewhat redundant to give them the same award again. SOOO I’ve decided to come up with my Own award for them. Here it is.

 Beautiful isn’t it? I call it the Bryguy.

The recipients are:

Pearl : She receives ” The Living With The Most Obnoxious Husband Award” Because she’s my wife DUH!!! And ” The Most Loving Wife of The Year award”

Audrey : She gets” The Worlds Cutest Grandkid Award”( ours) and ” The Up And Coming Obnoxious Blog Writer Of The Year”( She gets it from her mother, really she does)

Jeanie : She deserves one for all the torment I put her through. She gets ” The Tomato Hater Tolerater Of The Year Award”

Dave : I figured he has half of the Internet tied up with blogs and websites so he gets ” The Use Of The Most Bandwidth Award”

Heather :  A great friend and mother gets ” The Soft Fluffy Pillow Maker Award” (Sucking up for some pillows)

Jovan : Jeanie and Dave’s Daughter-in-Law. She wins” The Baby With The Chubbiest Cheeks Award”

Joe : Gets an award by proxy. He gets ” The Best Piggy-Back blogger Award” I had to link to Jeanie’s page because Joe doesn’t have a blog, he just helps me torment Jeanie on her page. He should get one. I thought I would give him some blog fodder to start him off. Tom-Haters rule!!!!

Me: I get “The Shameless Self Promotion By Using A Silly Picture Of Yourself  Award” You see this is really just a ploy to boost my blog stats.

Congratulations to all the winners and remember it was an honor just being nominated. Don’t forget to take your awards with you as you leave. The lost and found here is notorious for having stuff stolen.

7 Responses to “I’m Now An Award Winning Writer”

  1. I gave you an award!!!

  2. Oh you shouldn’t have. It was an honor just being nominated.

  3. I don’t know if this is an honor or not. But I have been living with the obnxiousness for 27 years so what does that say about me. hehe. Yes I’ve learned to dish it right back.

  4. Hilarious, as always. Bryan, you were born to blog! Congratulations on all the things you congratulated yourself for! And thank-you very much for my award!

  5. You have won an award! Go to my site to collect!

  6. Bryan-
    Smashing site, Dude! You’re doing a great work here…keep the faith!

  7. Sooooo….Back in the blog loop and I finally see the award. Way back when you handed these babies out, i couldn’t find the actual blog/picture. I missed out. Way too cool and I am honored! Now, how to get it on my mantel…..hmmmm…

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