Full House

Audrey, Ben and Alyssa have moved in with us for a week or two while they are waiting for their new apartment to become available. This makes our tiny house very full. But that’s a good thing. I get to hear my daughter’s voice in the house again and it’s been forever since I’ve heard a baby giggle in the house. Ben has already set up a wireless network so he can get on the Internet to. I’m sure we’ll be bumping into each other, and waiting on the bathroom, but that’s what families do. You wait your turn and still love each other when you bump into someone.

2 Responses to “Full House”

  1. The house has been full to the brim since we returned from MO-kids and grandkids, dogs and dust-bunnies. It is noisy, messy and it is LIFE! Hope the bathroom waits aren’t too distressing and glad you get this beautiful moment in time!

  2. This is kinda funny, but I wrote this in the living room while you were brushing your teeth next to me!!! It is nice to be home again even if it is a little wierd being back!!

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