A Year Of Bloggin

I just noticed that I passed my one year anniversary for my blog.( Wooo Hooo!). I’ve written 76 posts and had 217 comments from  thousands of visitors. I think I know some of them, but not most of them. I think most of them are searching for wedding ideas and find Ode To The Wedding cake . There’s pretty much no help for weddings there.

Since I’ve reached my one year anniversary I thought I would do a little look back over the year.

I started with the death of my friend Bill . I just had a lot of stuff to get out of my head. I’m usually not that serious.

I explained my tomato HATE Phobia, or Explaining the Disdaining . Yeah I’m scarred for life.

I married off my daughter  Let the Marriage Madness Begin!!. I hope to never wear a suit again!

I made some New Years Resolutions I kept them all, really I did.

I gushed about My Friends . Just love those guys.

I was Working Out I look like the after picture. ( Would I lie?)

I wrote  A Soliloquy For My Beard No, I didn’t shave, I know what I look like without a beard.

We got a dog  It’s a Boy! Its a Boy! Baby Pic He’s still cute.

We had a granddaughter  You Can Call Her “A” She’s cuter than the dog.

I was scared to go into my backyard BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ but then Pearl saved me My Hero !!!

I even blogged about my butt Diminished Glutes, Or I Wanna Talk About My Butt I’m still looking for it.

That’s just a few highlights. I’m looking forward to serving the needs of the people who need a giggle while reading the random thoughts of a borderline lunatic.

3 Responses to “A Year Of Bloggin”

  1. Congratulations! Hallelujah! Glory be! A year of fun and laughs from one of the funniest people I have ever known! Glad you write, Bryan! Keep it up!!

  2. The links only took me to your login…what gives???

  3. I blame it on sun spots, the full moon and the economy. It couldn’t be that I screwed up. Nope no way it wasn’t me!!!! They are fixed now though!

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