I Miss My Carburetor

Well I’m having problems with my truck. When it’s warm outside it runs fine but when it gets a little chilly it just won’t run. If it had a carburetor I would say the choke is messed up, but it doesn’t. The truck, like all newer cars, is fuel injected and computer controlled so it is supposed to tell me a code when something goes wrong. I am getting no codes. Maybe my truck is mad at me and is giving me the silent treatment. I borrowed my neighbor’s 1000 dollar tool for communicating with my truck. We hooked it up and it told us that the oxygen sensor was bad. So I replaced it. That fixed nothing. I hooked the machine back up to the truck( this time without the REAL mechanic present). It shows you all kinds of information like how many volts the sensors are getting, how the mixture is doing, how much fuel the injectors are getting, if the truck is in park( no kidding). What does all that mean?…… I haven’t a clue. I would like to think I’m a pretty good mechanic but this new stuff just blows my mind. I miss my old van. It has a simple in line six cylinder with a one barrel carburetor. It’s very simple to work on. No computer, no codes, no fuel injection just simple parts. When something breaks I usually know what it is and can fix it. And I don’t need an overpriced tool telling me a bunch of gibberish to fix it. I guess I’m just behind the times. Besides old cars have more class and style than anything built today.

 This isn’t my van, but it is the same make. Mine has windows. I LOVE lowered cars, they look soooooooooo cool. I want to lower mine a bit, and I can do it with simple hand tools. Praise The Lowered!!!…. and pass the band-aids. After all no job is done until I bleed on it.

2 Responses to “I Miss My Carburetor”

  1. We were recently told something about an oxygen sensor, but with exact opposite symptoms…hmmmm.maybe no one really, truly knows?…

  2. you really need to fix up that van. It’s fun to ride in! Then Steven can be the one with the sweet car!

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