The Human Car

I found this car on line.

It comes with all the extras. There is a model with a roof, and windows but the car is missing one thing, a motor. It is human powered so basically it is a modern Flintstone mobile. All you need to do is ask your three closest friends ( Probably the same people that would volunteer to help you move) to help you row to the grocery store. It operates like four rowing machines tied together. So the people you get to help propel the 500 lb car need to have a strong back. You might want to get them to sign a waver in case they blow out a disk pushing/pulling up that huge hill.

I have a few ideas for the makers of the car. Maybe power windows, some upholstery, and a platform on the trunk lid for a big fat guy with a drum to sit on and beat out a cadence for the rowers to keep time to. I think if I decide to go somewhere on a human powered vehicle I’ll use my bike it weighs about twenty pounds and I would probably keep my friends.

The video is of the car without the body.

4 Responses to “The Human Car”

  1. Hilarious. How much?

  2. hahahaha!!!! Now if you have a lot of kids that would work well. Although I’d by the two-by-two first.

  3. I think it looks kind of fun! How fast do you think you can get that think going?

  4. They say it has gotten up to 60 mph. I think that was probably going downhill with a 30mph tailwind.

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