Last night I had the funniest and probably grossest thing happen while I was brushing my teeth! So I thought I would tell you about it in as much detail as possible. While I was brushing and my mouth was filling with saliva based foam, out of nowhere I had to sneeze. I pinched my nose trying to stop it long enough to get to the bathroom and spit, but as if on cue, Pearl closed the door to it just as I started looking for it. I needed to sneeze very badly and the kitchen was to far away. So out it came, well sort of. I tried to hold it back but all that did was force the air into my mouth. My cheeks puffed out like Dizzy Gillespie playing his trumpet.

Even that wasn’t enough and the pressure was too much for my lips to contain. I let the foam and spit mixture out not in a large gush like a broken pipe but more like releasing the pressure from a garden hose. I tried to catch the spray with my hand but all that did was turn it into a finer spray and more fountain like. I was sitting behind Steven and after all the spray had hit the floor he was afraid to turn around he said it sounded like I vomited. The splattering noise on the floor I guess.  Pearl and Steven showed great concern for my well being by laughing uncontrollably at me which gave me a giggle attack that pretty much lasted the rest of the evening. Seriously, Pearl and I were laughing in bed! I started laughing at work just thinking about it.

This makes me wonder. Why does stuff like this only happen to me? No one else, just me! Why are there always people around to laugh at me? Why can’t I do something completely stupid in private so I could hide it? I guess if stuff like this didn’t happen to me then this blog would be nothing more than a blank page. I’m such a klutz!!

3 Responses to “AAAAAACHOOOOOOOO!!”

  1. Okay, first off I wasn’t in the bathroom yet. That fountian went off before I entered. And for a split second I thought he might be ill but then soon realized he had sneezed. It was so HILARIOUS I had to quickly run in and close the bathroom door or I would have wet my pants. Steven and I are still laughing about it! Thanks babe I needed a good laugh! This one should last quit a while.hehehehehe!

  2. Why does stuff like this happen AFTER I move out????

  3. You are so funny…and maybe a little weird. Ha!

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