Working Out…. Again!

Well I’m starting working out again today. I’ve joined a contest at work. If I lose enough weight I’ll be entered in a drawing to win prizes that the company has put up. I have until March 31 to get to my weight. To qualify I need to lose 15% of my weigh-in weight. That was 237 pounds. Geez I’m fat!!! The number I need to lose is 35.5 pounds that puts me around 200, I haven’t been that light since I was around 25. I’ll be doing a combination of walking/running and weight training. On my diet I’ll just be watching portion size, amount of fat, and staying away from refined sugar. No fancy diet just common sense.

The prizes are just motivation for me to get off the couch and do something. I keep saying that I’m going to start but I hate to miss that rerun of Seinfeld I’ve seen about a hundred times. I need to do this I’m feeling slow, tired and old when I get home from work. I refuse to give up and get old. I want to be like Jack Lalaine. Still swimming when I’m 90. Of course I’ll have to learn how not to drown first.{ I’m not a great swimmer, I’m more of a sinker.} 

Well wish me luck. I’m  going to need it. I’ll be off to a fast start I figure I’ll lose about 5 pounds if I shave my back hair. Pearl wants to wax me. We’ll take video.

2 Responses to “Working Out…. Again!”

  1. Why is the scene from the 40 year old virgin in my mind now? Wait that’s because it will be you if you get your back waxed! HAHA! Way to go Dad! I hope you make it to your goal!! You’ll need to keep up with Alyssa soon!

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