Lucky Dog

Now that it’s Christmastime I’ve got my house decorated with lights all turned on with a timer. The other night I noticed that they had turned off early.  I went outside to check the timer thinking it was not at the correct time. When I got out there I noticed that the timer was hanging sideways on the house. I followed the cord to the front yard and noticed that Roddy { My dog} had been playing with it . You know doing dog stuff to it, digging around it, pulling on it, and chewing on it. I think he is very lucky the lights are plugged into a GFI outlet, he had tripped the breaker on it. I’m sure he got a little jolt. If it hadn’t  been plugged into that outlet he would have been a crispy critter, or a frizzled furry friend. I think he may have a little cat in him and just spent one of his nine lives. Now the question is should we change his name. Maybe Bolt { as in lightning}, or Jolt, or Shocky, or maybe Sparky? Or maybe Frito because he kind of smells like Fritos when he needs a bath.

3 Responses to “Lucky Dog”

  1. hahahhahhahahha! Very “Christmas Vacation”

  2. No, leave his name. Roddy after Roddy McDowel, a Dowel rod is something that you would use in various household situations such as: holding up a small curtain (in certain houses I have lived in), or in our case: holding up the second tier to a cake. Which brings to mind the line attributed to Marie-Antoinette : “Let them eat cake.” When the French had no bread to eat. And since she was French, that makes me think of the only thing that we eat on a regular basis from France: French Fries. At times, when I am taking a break, I will hit the drive through for some French Fries and when I think of Break then I think of Breakers, which keep our houses from being overloaded and burning down due to our pets chewing on wires…
    How’s that for circular logic?

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