Working Out Update { aka. The Lost Week}

Well, life got busy this week and so my routine was interrupted. We were decorating the church and spending many hours there. I missed three workouts and pretty much blew the diet. I was eating stuff  loaded with fat { fast food a couple of times} and eating way late for me. I try to stop eating at around 7pm so I don’t have a lot of food just sitting in my stomach. But  it was fun being with my friends at a meal late at night{ Thanks Guys} so it was worth it. I guess I should get to the weight confession. I still lost 2 pounds, amazing. I don’t know how, but I’ll take it. I’m now 223. I want to be under 220 by next weekend. I’ll have to work out harder this week than last though, I don’t think I’ll lose two pounds again doing what I did this week.

p.s I’m really proud of Pearl she lost 4 pounds this week and is working really hard at getting healthy. She was diagnosed as diabetic and is trying to stay off insulin by losing weight and eating better. She’s  looking really good too!

3 Responses to “Working Out Update { aka. The Lost Week}”

  1. Audrey Kesler Says:

    Both of you are looking pretty good! Keep up the good work!

  2. yea-are we even going to be able to hang out with you guys if you’re all healthy and everything??

  3. Sure, but your going to have to start lifting. Then our conversations would be like ” Wow you’re really ripped, how much are you benching Jeanie?”

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