Working Update: Cookies And Chocolate And Shin Splints, OH MY!

Well I’m still on the grand mesa{ I plateaued} I’m still 223. Dang it! I blame Christmas, all that good stuff I’m not supposed to be eating. But I did anyway. My particular temptation is chocolate. Like the Siren’s song it calls me. Like the moth to the flame I’m drawn to it. Like a mosquito to a bug zapper, I’m mesmerised by it until ZAAAAPPPP! I’m 240 again.

This is what I think the chocolate sings to me{ To the tune of Twinkle, twinkle Little star}

Bryan, Bryan, here we are,

In the kitchen,

We’re near not far.

In the bowl,

In foil so bright,

Come and eat us,

At midnight.

Bryan, Bryan, here we are.{ Repeat until all chocolate is devoured}

On to the shin splints. For those of you that have never had them let me explain what they are. Your muscles have little fibers around them. When you exercise the muscle it fills with blood. The muscle expands stretching those fibers. With a shin splint the fibers get stretched to far and become painful. I was on the hamster wheel{ treadmill} on Monday and I got to the part where I run{ that’s a relative term} in the computerized routine. I get about halfway through the run and realise that my shins hurt. I keep running, thinking ” No Pain, No Gain!!”. I get through the run portion and I’m back down to a walk now and I can’t keep up with the treadmill. I hang on to the hand rails for dear life trying to avoid making one of those funny treadmill videos. I’m in a lot of pain, but I finish. The funny thing about shin splints is once the blood leaves the muscle the pain goes away. While you are exercising them though they hurt really bad. I know I sound like a sissy man complaining about a little pain, but I have a really high pain tolerance. I broke my knee when I was 14 and that was the most pain I’ve ever been in. I’ve had pain in it ever since. I once had shin splints when I went through football camp. They started acting up after a long run. It was like someone hit me in the shins with a baseball bat. My legs literally colapsed from the pain until the muscles calmed down. So you see it can be very painful. I took it easy on  the legs for a couple of days and they seem to be OK now.

In order to escape from the plateau, I need to work harder. My weight routine has not been my best effort. So I need to improve on that. I may intensify the treadmill routine too. And I need some earplugs to keep from hearing the siren’s song again.

One Response to “Working Update: Cookies And Chocolate And Shin Splints, OH MY!”

  1. You have a future in song-writing.

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