Mamma Mia!…Who Told James Bond He Could Sing?

Pearl hurt her knee last week and couldn’t walk well so we decided to rent some movies to kill some time while she rested it. I went and rented The Mummy, Eagle Eye, and Mamma Mia!. I figured I would get her a chick flick thinking ” She’s hurt and can’t move so I should get something she would like. Besides our friends seem to like it.” Well we watched the chick flick and WOW! It was awful.The story was OK, but the incessant barrage of ABBA songs was too much for me. I’ve never been an ABBA fan and having Pierce Brosnan sing them{ He can’t sing} didn’t help.

When I was in high school, I was in a record club.{ For all you kids out there too young to know what a record is , it’s kind of like a CD.For those of you too young for CD’s it’s what we stored music on before IPODs.} I received an ABBA album as a monthly album selection. I didn’t send it back in time and HAD to pay for it. I NEVER opened the plastic on it, and never played it to the day I got rid of my albums. When your favorite groups included Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Boston, the bubblegum sounds of ABBA just didn’t get it done.

Back to the movie, where was I? Did I mention Pierce Brosnan can’t sing? That can’t be said enough. Pierce Brosnan can’t sing! I now know why they never made “James Bond, the Musical”.  After sitting through the movie{ with a few breaks to get something to drink, a snack, regain my sanity, and pull whats left of my hair out}, Pearl tells me that she didn’t like it{ and Pierce Brosnan can’t sing}. I’m relieved.I thought I was the only person on the planet that didn’t like it. During the movie I could feel the testosterone being sucked from my veins. I’m sure I left a puddle of it on the couch.

So to be fair to Pierce Brosnan{ HE CAN’T SING!} I’m going to turn this blog into a musical.{I CAN’T SING! And I know it.} That should make the internet crash and make everyone else forget his , shall we call it, singing.

P.S. Eagle Eye was excellent!! I got my testosterone back!

3 Responses to “Mamma Mia!…Who Told James Bond He Could Sing?”

  1. I agree, Pierce can’t sing! I did like him better as Remington Steel though. He showed me how to dress in the 80’s. For you youngsters, that’s two decades before Hannah Montana stared in High School Musical with the Jonas Brothers. I didn’t mind Mamma Mia in the theater, it was very pictuesque on the big screens, lot’s of Mediterranean blues and aquas. Jeanie did have to tell me to be quiet a few times as I was singing along with ABBA but other than that… I thought it was interesting how they wove the songs into the stories though or vice-versa. I would have liked to be in that pitch session… Does your Mamma Mia know you are a Dancing Queen that will Take a Chance on the Winner taking it All?
    But I agree, couldn’t they have gotten some old Abba lovers that could sing? And why didn’t ABBA at least make an appearance? Did one of them die recently or earlier? I don’t remember…
    I did recently go to the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.
    Not bad.
    If Keanu would have talked more though, it would have ruined it, fortunately he was an alien so not many lines…

  2. OK-I loved the music of the movie and the scenery. I HATED the story line because it was the stupidest thing in the world and the timing was ALL wrong on everything! But the music made me laugh-except when I was telling Dave to pipe down in the theater…

  3. Marilyn Frandsen Says:

    OK, I’m just plain weird, but I loved the movie.

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