Windy Windfall

Steven and I were driving in the car last week on one of those REALLY windy days. We were talking and joking around when I saw some money blow by the front of the car. It changed direction and blew straight at us. I couldn’t see the amount, just that it was a rectangle and green. I stopped the car and threw it into reverse to chase the bill down the street. I catch up to it and tell Steven to get out and get the the money. He looks at me like I just told him to do his homework, with his ” Are you kidding look?”. I tell him I’m not kidding and he can have the money if he catches it. He  gets out to chase the bill. By this time the bill has blown under the car and he can’t find it. I’m watching from inside the nice warm and comfortable car, he is outside frantically searching for a piece of currency in what could only be described as  a hurricane without rain. His long, long hair is blowing around in interesting designs, from blowing straight back to wrapping around his face to blowing straight up. That was my favorite. He looks into the car and shrugs his shoulders about to give up, when all of a sudden the bill blows out from under the car. He’s in hot pursuit, all his attention is on the bill. He’s not going to lose it this time. He’s in an all out sprint down the street, watching the bill. We had been sitting in the road for a couple of minutes now and as you can imagine someone else wanted to use the road. Steven was running straight at an oncoming truck. It was now a race of time. What was going to happen first ? Was Steven going to catch the bill? Or was the truck going to make road pizza out of him? Steven wins and catches the bill. He snatches it up like a cheetah pouncing on it’s prey and returns to the car . He gets in and says,” It’s only a dollar”. I tell him,” I didn’t know how big the bill was, I only knew it was money.”  He says” It was totally worth it! I  have  a cool story to tell and you have something to blog about.” He has the dollar bill thumb tacked to his bedroom wall.

2 Responses to “Windy Windfall”

  1. amazingaudri Says:

    HAHAHAHA!! I have a great image going in my head right now!

  2. That is awesome!

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