Lucky Dog 2 {The Sequel}

Well on Wednesday our stupid dog started to vomit, repeatedly. He couldn’t even keep down water. We tried to make him fast for the evening, but the next morning he was still sick. I looked up everything I could find on the Internet. Everything pointed to either an infection or a blockage in his intestines. We were hoping for an infection, it could be treated with drugs, the blockage with surgery. We take him to the vet and they do a series of ” radio graphs” or Xrays as they are called when dealing with humans. Of course he had a blockage. All day long that was my fear, the surgery is  expensive and we really don’t have the money for it. Most of the day I felt like the kid in ” Old Yeller” that has to shoot his rabid dog. We decided that he was just too young to put down{ he’s a year old} and we kind of like having him around. We came up with the money for the operation which he has late Thursday night, he’s out at 3:30A.M. We have to pick him up from the emergency clinic that we took him to and take him back to our regular vet at 8:00A.M, to spend the day recovering there. He was still pretty groggy but upright and walking when we took him there. They tell us to call in the evening  to see if he can come home or if we would have to take him back to the clinic for the night. They call us around 4: 30 and tell us he can come home. He’s home and alert and is doing well and we have to babysit him for a few days.

So all it cost was a six inch incision, six inches of intestine, and enough money to buy an older used car to keep our dog. That’s right he lost six inches of intestine. He had a three fourths inch piece of wood stuck in him.

colors-003 That’s actually it in the bag. They let us have it like a trophy. I want the intestine too. I paid to have it taken out I should get to see it like when you have you car repaired and they give you back the old parts they took out. Like I said he’s a lucky dog. He’s lucky he has a couple of softies for owners. Most other people I think would probably have  put him down. If it happens again we’ll have to. But he’s family and we love the stupid mutt.

This morning we went out and cleaned up the back yard. While we were out there we let Roddy wander around the yard. The dog starts trying to eat the mulch in the yard. STUPID DOG!!

P.S. You can see his last brush with death here . The look on the Steven and Roddy’s faces when they were reunited kind of makes the cost seem worth it, a little. Steven even asked if he could take Roddy when he moves out.

5 Responses to “Lucky Dog 2 {The Sequel}”

  1. Audrey Kesler Says:

    I knew that dog was dumb! I still love him, he’s like my little brother that trys to eat me every time I see him. Glad he’s ok.

  2. YIKERONI’S! He may have to muzzled for outdoor play if he is going to eat mulch. Oh man-are you guys ok??

  3. We were already going to buy one even before your comment. I think he looks like Hannable Lecter in it.

  4. Shheeeesh!
    A wood eating dog!
    If you could only get him to recycle it all you could start your own pressboard factory and get rich, sort of like the goose that laid the golden… well anyway.
    Maybe his name should be Woody.

  5. I was thinking we should call him Chip Or Chipper.

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