Myspace, Facebook and Me

MyspaceButton.gifI’ve recently been foraying into the world of social networks. I first joined My space as a way to keep in touch with my old friends. Since joining I’ve been ridiculed repeatedly by my kids for having a my space page. They think I’m too old to be there. I guess it’s supposed to be only for the young and cool people of the world. I just don’t fit into that category, I don’t think I did when I was young and cool. There are things on my space that bother me. Some of the music and backgrounds that people use on their pages just melts my brain. It just assaults my senses. Another thing is all the ads, ads, and more ads. I don’t want to Pimp my profile, I don’t want a new girlfriend, and I don’t want Viagra, or anything else your advertising. But the page is there if someone wants to search for me.

facebook_logo_new.jpgI just signed up for facebook. It is taking me a while to adjust to it. I think the abilty to post pictures and stuff like that is great but I don’t understand all the little gift giving stuff. Does my page really need Flair or a heart or some other GIF put on it. The first thing you see when you sign in is all your friends status. Some of mine update regularly like almost hourly. If your status says your watching a movie what are you doing typing on the computer? The page wants you to type what you are doing right now. Does the world want to hear the truth  or a candy coated version of the truth.

CANDY COATED STATUS: Bryan is blogging on wordpress to entertain his friends.

TRUE STATUS: Bryan is sitting in his underwear scratching his butt while he scrapes nonsense out of his skull and puts it on the Internet.

Which do you prefer? Like Jack Nicholson said,” The truth! You can’t handle the truth!” I vow to become famous for my status updates. To make people scratch their heads and go ” Whats wrong with him!” My status right now says, “Bryan is wondering if Chicago is called the windy city because his brother eats a lot of beans.” It’s all a ploy to get my sister-in law in Chicago riled up. No response yet.

One Response to “Myspace, Facebook and Me”

  1. Facebook is addictive-that is what everyone says. That is why I am holding out…I am a born A-HOLIC! If you can get addicted, I will. Not a good thing. But hey-my old jr. high friend who thinks you are so funny might be your friend on facebook: sherri o’neal.

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