Working Out Update

It’s been a few weeks since I updated on progress. Well to begin with our scale broke and it took a couple of weeks to replace. I also kind of relaxed in my workouts, I became over confident in reaching my goal. In the past few weeks I’ve gained three pounds. I’m back to 218 dang it. This past week The spirit was willing to do the workouts but the flesh was weak. I ran on the treadmill Sunday and my back was bothering me the rest of the week. I finally had enough of the pain last night and put in a mile anyway. It felt good, no pain from my back. I’ll be getting on with my time on the hamster wheel today. I’m wanting to put up a big number this week so I’ll be working out hard and eating next to nothing. If I start to hurt I’ll work through the pain if possible.To quote Jack Lalane ” If you’re over forty, you’re going to have aches and pains. Get over it!”

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