The Oriental Theatre and Trace Bundy

Last night Pearl, Steven, his girlfriend Aisling and I went to the Oriental Theatre to see Trace Bundy in concert. We stood outside of the building for about a half an hour to get in. You could see some of the features of the landmark that showed it’s past glory. Unfortunately the building is run down and in need of restoration. We got inside after the wait in the cold only to see that the few seats that they had on the lower level were filled. So we went up to the balcony. There were still seats that look like they were original to the theatre. We tried to sit in the front row of the balcony only to find that the bottoms of some of the seats were missing, so we sat in the second row. I was looking around trying to imagine what the place looked like when it was in it’s prime. I bet it was beautiful, curved ceilings and murals on the walls. But , the place is falling apart. The plaster was falling off the walls and I’m glad it was dimly lit because I didn’t want to see what the floors looked like, they were sticky and people sat on them. I don’t know maybe this is just my perspective because someone came in behind us and exclaimed” What a neat theatre”. I was looking for the fire exits. I know I saw stuff that shouldn’t have passed a fire inspection.

Once Trace Bundy began to play all fears were forgotten. His mastery of the acoustic guitar is amazing. The sounds he can get out of one are astounding. He was funny and genuinely seemed to be glad he was performing. He played a medley of the theme from 8Mile/Kashmir that was great. It was a nice evening but we were out of there as soon as he was done. We didn’t want to be there when the building collapsed.

p.s I hope the owner decides to restore the theatre, it deserves it.

One Response to “The Oriental Theatre and Trace Bundy”

  1. And I know just the two people who COULD restore it to its original glory!

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