With spring here I figured it was time to renew my yearly anti tomato war with Jeanie. So here is my opening salvo.

Steven says my hand is the one that turns the blender on. I’ll never tell. BWAHAHAHA!

5 Responses to “Toe-May-Toe”

  1. hahaha!

  2. by the way, I have 6 growing in my kitchen right now!

  3. O sure—you wait until I am too busy to fight, huh? Well, I am BACK, baby! TOMATOES RULE! Now I will watch the video. 🙂

  4. Ok-that did make me laugh. Because tomatoes are delish! And mysterious. Like me.

  5. […] green.  You know, there is orange.  {in ref to this post}  Bryan recently started the annual tomato wars with me on his blog.  Funny, but, whatev, […]

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