I Don’t Understand The World Cup

 I don’t get it, I just don’t get it. I haven’t seen anything but highlights, but I don’t understand!

OK, in the USA’s first game they tied… everyone was excited to get that. In the sports most popular here that is like kissing your sister. Yeah you got a kiss but it doesn’t mean anything. Then in the second game, they had a goal disallowed and tied again. They got robbed, but they tied again and that’s good stuff in the soccer…. sorry… football world… right? At least they didn’t lose, because that’s always bad, I think.

Maybe not! I saw that Mexico lost in the same round of the tournament and they still advanced!  HUH?  They lost and get to stay in the tournament? How does that compute? In this country you lose and  you’re done that simple.

USA finally got a win with a goal in over time or what ever they call it. I can understand this. They won a game with a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Thousands of  soccer fans are elated. Yay.

Yesterday the USA lost to Ghana. those same fans are depressed. boo hoo. By this time I don’t care, this sport needs a few linebackers. Someone to tackle the goalie as he’s trying to make a save. There would be more scoring and some awesome hits! Just think of all the Sportscenter highlights!!!

Which brings me to my next point. The players are the worst bunch of  fakeers I have ever seen! Someone would brush into another player and that player would fall to the ground like he had been shot with a high-powered rifle. He would stay there seemingly at death’s door until he drew a penalty. Then miraculously,  he was HEALED! The player who couldn’t move because he was paralyzed with pain, can walk and run and kick without even a limp! I did see one player try to do this and the official just stood over him gesturing for him to stand up. Eventually he did. Apparently the official was sick of all the field flopping too. If those players were bigger I would say they have a promising career as a pro wrestler.

Like I said this game needs a few linebackers. Give those guys a real reason to lay on the turf! I did get to see some Rugby recently. It sort of has linebackers and people get hit without pads on. I can get into that!

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