Sharing At The Movie Theatre

 We went to the movies yesterday and of course I had a guy at least my size sit next to me. The theatre had plenty of room but this family HAD to have the four seats next to me. This seems to be a trend for me lately. The last couple of movies we have gone to this has happened. The last movie I had a little girl who kept bumping her head into me the whole movie.

 This time was going to be different though. This time I’m armed… I have a cold. (I probably caught it from the little girl) I was trying to let all potential seat takers know in advance that I was sick by coughing, blowing my nose and anything else I could think of to gross people out before they sat down.

 This poor guy’s wife just HAD to sit her family right next to me. When asked if the seats were open,I politely said yes but in my mind I was thinking ” At your own risk!” At first the daughter was being forced to sit next to me but she wouldn’t do it. Smart girl. So the father was forced to sit next to me. The man was at least my size, probably bigger. When Pearl saw that he was sitting down she told me that I could lean towards her. I told her that I was fine. I knew I was going to have plenty of room.

 I held my ground on the amount of space I was taking and then I set my plan into action. ” Operation Leg Room” began. I started coughing louder and pulling out tissues to blow my nose. Making sure that I was as gross with it as I could be. Then I would lean over a little towards him to put my used snot rags in the trash I had accumulated on the floor. Needless to say the man did his best to become  small, that is, he tried to get away from me as best he could. My plan worked, it’s probably the only time a cold has actually helped someone!  I enjoyed the movie and was seated comfortably the whole time. Not once was I crowded by the large man seated next to me. I actually had more room than the time the little girl sat next to me. The guy was leaning over towards his wife crowding her for the whole movie. Served her right for  violating movie theatre etiquette by wedging her family into those seats.

 I expect that the man will be sharing my cold with his family starting in the next few days. My mom always told me it was nice to share!

One Response to “Sharing At The Movie Theatre”

  1. In theaters, in self-seatig restaurants…people will ALWAYS sit clse to you, no matter how much empty space exists elsewhere!

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