Jeanie! What Have You Been Up To?

 My friend Jeanie has just returned to blogging after a hiatus.(  I know what she was doing during this time. I heard about this on the news so I had to look it up. This is an excerpt of an article I found from a webpage ( here ). I think her  tomato addiction is spinning out of control.

The article:

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Rising food costs spur massive US theft of produce, meat

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April 18, 2011 @ 5:17 am

Ethan A. Huff,
Natural News
April 18, 2011

Forget diamonds and cash. Rapid inflation and the tanking US economy have birthed a whole new wave of organized crime involving food. The New York Times(NYT) reports that a group of highly-sophisticated scam artists recently pulled off a massive food heist involving eight tractor-trailer loads full of produce and meat, all worth roughly $300,000.

The food theft was no ordinary theft, either. According to reports, the mystery thieves carefully planned the hijacking to coincide with high-priced tomatoes and other produce items that have seen heavy inflation in recent months. And instead of merely stealing the truckloads, the masterminds actually sent their own imposter trucks to pick up the loads, and pretended to deliver them to various intended destinations.

“I’ve never experienced people targeting produce loads before,” said Shaun Leiker, an assistant manager at Allen Lund, a trucking broker from Florida who has seen numerous cargo thefts, to NYT. “It’s a little different than selling TVs off the back of your truck.”

Leiker’s reasoning, of course, makes sense under normal economic conditions. But with massive unemployment,food shortages, and inflation, food has become a new high-value commodity that criminals appear to be increasingly targeting. And as food prices continue to rise, some authorities worry that food crimes will only escalate further.

I have one question  who would buy a truckload of tomatoes? Maybe this is a clue.

I’m thinking that this may be a new Heavenfest event this year. Or maybe she just needs something to throw at me. On a side note I notice that in the video there is not one person actually eating a tomato.

3 Responses to “Jeanie! What Have You Been Up To?”

  1. How could you rat me out, Bry—yes, I stole the truckload of tomatoes. No, not really, but if you’re gonna go to hell for stealing, at least steal something amazing like that! 🙂

    I actually want to go to Spain for this tomato festival, yes, I do!! 🙂

  2. Oh babe you’re funny! Jeanie would never steal those tomatoes, they’re not fresh enough. But if they did have that tomato fight at HF that would be very cool! 😉

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