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A Bundle Of Birthdays

Posted in Family stuff on January 4, 2009 by bpyounger

This past month has been a busy one for birthdays. Ben’s was at the beginning of the month OOOOPS! We forgot it, But we later in the month took Audrey and him out to Famous Dave’s for a birthday lunch for both of their birthdays. Audrey”s was the 29th. It’s wonderful to see them and the worlds cutest grandbaby for whatever reason. They are being great parents to Al* E.. Love all of them with all my heart.

We took Steven out for his birthday dinner last night. His is Jan 4. We went to Ruby Tuesday. Pearl and I ordered our turkey burgers and Steven ordered his hamburger. Pearl’s and mine showed up and were correct , Steven’s however wasn’t. They brought him a Classic Burger, a meer half pound of beef, and he had ordered the Colossal Burger. This burger needs explaining. It’s two half pound patties stacked up like a Big Mac and comes to the table with a steak knife jabbed in the top to keep it from falling over. It’s about 6 or 7 inches high. I looked the nutrition values up and this thing is 1937 calories and 140 grams of fat so basically it’s a heart attack on a plate.  I wish I could find a picture of it, I think it’s one of the seven wonders of the world.

 Pearl and I started our meals while they were fixing Stevens. His came and he devoured it before Pearl and I finished ours.  We kept our hands and feet back so we weren’t hurt during the feeding frenzy. I just don’t know where he puts it. My turkey burger totally filled me. When we left we stopped and bought him a pie for his birthday{ it’s what he wanted} he had two pieces of it. He also had two lemon aids with dinner. I could never had packed away that much food. Well, not without a vomitorium nearby.

Full House

Posted in Family stuff, Fun Stuff on September 28, 2008 by bpyounger

Audrey, Ben and Alyssa have moved in with us for a week or two while they are waiting for their new apartment to become available. This makes our tiny house very full. But that’s a good thing. I get to hear my daughter’s voice in the house again and it’s been forever since I’ve heard a baby giggle in the house. Ben has already set up a wireless network so he can get on the Internet to. I’m sure we’ll be bumping into each other, and waiting on the bathroom, but that’s what families do. You wait your turn and still love each other when you bump into someone.

Happy Anniversary Pearl

Posted in Family stuff on September 7, 2008 by bpyounger

They say behind every good man is a good woman. I say behind every good man is a woman ready to jump on his back and stick a camera in his face.

 Twenty three years ago today we were married. Seems like yesterday. Time flies when you’re having fun I guess. I had you hooked from the very beginning with my first words to you. ” You can sit down I don’t bite” one of the classic pickup lines if I’ve ever heard one. OK maybe not but I grew on you kind of like a fungus. A year later I choked out ” I have a problem, I’ve fallen in love with my best friends girlfriend”. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to say, and to my surprise you didn’t run away laughing, you looked back at me with the same love in your eyes I had for you. I’m blessed, I’ve seen that look almost everyday for almost 26 years. You’re my wife ,my love, and my best friend. Happy anniversary.

Our unnofficial song when we were dating.


Posted in Family stuff, My Favorite blogs on May 10, 2008 by bpyounger

With Mothers Day almost here I thought I would share some thoughts about the mothers in my life.

My Mother

Six kids that all turned out normal ( maybe with the exception of kid #6 he’s kind of strange, but he does have a witty blog) . That has got to be something to honor. Now that I’m a parent I understand more of what my mother must have gone through with all of us. We were more of a handful than she would like to  admit, but she was always there for us . She supported us in the things we did and defended us when we were unjustly accused, and yes punished us when we were justly accused. Something no parent wants to do, but is necessary. I was punished and still love my mom, there’s a concept that today’s society just doesn’t seem to understand.

My Daughter

I still find that amazing. My little girl is a mother !?! How is that possible? But I can see traits that she learned from her mother. The love in her eyes when she looks at Alyssa is amazing. She is going to be a great mother.

My Wife

She is the most amazing mother. My father once told my mother that Pearl was a wonderful mother. That’s high praise coming from my father. He was right. She has always been kind, understanding and loving. All that while I was bumbling and  stumbling trying to figure out this fatherhood thing( I still don’t have that right). I have seen her at times when she was saddened by life and still take care of her three kids ( I’m #3). We are more of a handful than she would like to admit. But she loves us anyway. I have seen her at times of sickness that would have laid me out, and she gets up to take care of us. That’s to much sacrifice but she does it anyway. I have seen her at times of joy with tears in her eyes because she was so proud of something our kids did. I am in awe of her. She is the reason my kids have turned out well. I take no credit. I love her with all my heart and soul. I am so undeserving of her.

It’s a Boy! Its a Boy!

Posted in Dog Stuff, Family stuff on March 29, 2008 by bpyounger

Everyone thought the next family member was going to be a girl, even the doctors. Well they were all wrong! It’s a boy. His current name is Abner but that will change. He was born about three months ago and weighs about 20 pounds. He’s black, and stocky and fuzzy. He’s a Retriever mixed with, as near as anyone can guess, German Shepard, or Rottweiler, or horse. Who knows, but he’s pretty big for a three month old, but cuuuute! Floppy ears and lots of fur. He had to stay at the Dumb Friends League to be neutered. We pick him up later today so I will post pictures then. Now if we could just think of a name, Abner has got to go. Got any ideas?

Nemo Day !!

Posted in Family stuff, Fun Stuff on March 15, 2008 by bpyounger

800x600.jpg Back on Valentines day I bought tickets to Finding Nemo on ice. It made Pearl very happy, she has been looking forward to it for a month. Today is  the day of the show. I went to the web-page ( and it looks very cute. I’m looking forward to spending time with Pearl. We don’t get to go out very often. (We need to get out more often) We spend a lot of time working together but not much time just having fun together. Totally my fault I’m not the most romantic husband and there always seems to be something else we have to do or no money to do it. I’m looking forward to hearing her laugh and seeing her smile at what will probably be over the top cuteness. She is just going to light up.

I’m trying to figure out how the performers are going to jump with a fish head  strapped to their chest. I wonder what clown fish tastes like. They look kind of fatty. I think I’ll bring my pole.

My Friends

Posted in Family stuff, My Favorite blogs on January 26, 2008 by bpyounger

We have been blessed. We have been given the greatest treasure anyone could receive. Great friends. At a point in time when Pearl and I had very few, we were blessed with Dave and Jeanie.

We met them at New Hope about 4 years ago. I got to know Dave when we worked on Vacation Bible School together. I ran sound he was the master of ceremonies or ” The Big Kahuna”( it was a tropical island theme). Up until that time we had been doing the Sunday morning greeting thing and I had only seen him in his Sunday go to meeting clothes. He showed up in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals and a straw hat. I almost laughed. I didn’t know at the time that was pretty much how he dresses when he’s at home. He was up onstage jumping around like a monkey, a trumpet in one hand a drumstick in the other. Making noise with the trumpet and banging on the drums at the same time. The whole time Jeanie was in the crowd of kids cheering him on. I thought to myself ” Lord what is this?”. It was a man giving his all to serve God with all his heart. Dave’s passion is kids not just his own, but everyone’s. He just loves them.

Jeanie at that time, if I recall correctly, had just become Director of Involvement at the church and she was impressed with the decorations Pearl and I had come up with. We made a volcano that had confetti cannons in it . So she was impressed by paper mache, compressed air, and shiny bits of paper fluttering through the air ( couldn’t resist poking fun at her). She spent the next couple of years keeping us busy decorating, and serving. She was great at her job and under appreciated. She has an ability to see the potential in people and gives her all to bring it out of them. Her heart is singing praises to God, a trait she passed down to her kids. That’s where I got to know her , running sound for her. Of all the times I’ve heard her sing what I remember most is her singing her heart out next to the sound booth when she wasn’t on stage.  Just her and God, a beautiful thing to see and hear.

Together they have become the closest friends Pearl and I have had. We admire their faith, wisdom, and knowledge of God. We have relied on their advice time and time again. It is always sound. They have a way of making you feel like you’re a part of their family. Now we consider their kids our friends too. They are awesome kids. They are the example of how everyone wants their kids to turn out, a reflection of their parents sound teaching.

We were all called away from New Hope but our friendship continues. I look forward to the things we do and experience together in the future. We love you guys.

The Rhoades family, soon to be plus another grandchild.


P.S. I had to write this because Dave told everyone to read my blog last night.

Happy Birthday Steven

Posted in Family stuff on January 4, 2008 by bpyounger

A week ago I told you the story of Audrey’s birth on her birthday. Well now its Steven’s birthday and this is his story. January 3 1992 Pearl was very close to her due date so we were ready for him to come any day. Pearl started having contractions early in the morning maybe 2 or 3 in the morning. So we pack up Audrey ( who is four at this time) call my parents to warn them that we are bringing her over and that Pearl is ready. We go to the hospital and Pearl is admitted, things are going well. Then all of a sudden….. nothing, no more contractions , they just ended. We wait at the hospital for a while but nothing. It was Braxton Hicks contractions. They send us home . We were a little disappointed. We got home and went for a walk at Rotella park . Not a long one just one to maybe start stuff up again. But nothing.

January 4 1992. Pearls due date. It starts up again at the same time in the morning. We pack Audrey up again call my parents, and rush to the hospital…again. This time it was going to be different. We were going to have a baby at any cost. Things were going well again. We got a great nurse , she was like a drill sergeant. She would even order the doctors around. Pearl , after the experience of Audrey’s birth, didn’t want to lay on her back again for hours, so we walked , stood and hugged for most of the day for as long as she could stand it. Things were going well.

In the four years between Audrey and Steven the hospital had changed. They had created birthing rooms. A great idea. It looked like a regular room but when it needed to it transformed. Things just exploded from the walls, it was amazing. It also had TV and comfortable chairs. Which was great because it was a playoff day for the Broncos. While Pearl was in labor the we were watching the Cowboys and Falcons game , the drill sergeant said that when things got close she was going to turn it off. Very depressing, but she didn’t. In fact every time the doctor came in he paid more attention to the game than Pearl. He said” lets use suction” like a child with a new toy. The drill sergeant said” You better get over here she’s pushing”. While Pearl was delivering he had his hands ready to catch and had his head turned around to watch the game. The Cowboys won, as did the Broncos. Another Elway comeback against the Oilers. A great game. Oh yeah, and Steven was born in the second half of the Cowboy’s game. Pearl pushed him out without drugs, I’m still amazed by that. While they were cleaning him up he said his first word. ” Mama” I swear he did. Actually it was mucus in his mouth while he was crying , but it came out ” Mama “. He said that a lot the next few years He didn’t like me much but loved his mama.

steven4.jpg steven3.jpg

Before he was born we asked Audrey what she want the baby to be a brother or a sister. She said a brother . She got her wish. I called her from the hospital and told her ” It’s a Steven” . I could hear her screaming it to my parents over the phone. I went to my parents to get her and take her to meet her brother. I still remember her holding him for the first time. She loved him. You could tell that there was a bond there right away. It’s still there now. It may have been strained at times but its still there. That night Audrey and I went home, Pearl and Steven stayed in the hospital, one of the few times Pearl and I have been apart. The next morning I had the most rude awakening I’ve ever had, but the cutest. I was woken up by Audrey. She had a hand on each side of my face and started shaking my head. She knew Steven was coming home and couldn’t wait to see him again.

steven1.jpg steven2.jpg

Steven eventually started to like me, I think it took about a year. He is growing into an amazing young man. He is a talented musician and has a great sense of humor. He keeps us laughing all the time. He’s one of my best friends now. I love spending time joking around with him, unfortunately for Pearl he’s gotten my sense of humor. So she’s outnumbered now that Audrey has moved out.


Happy Birthday Steven. Love you bud.

Happy Birthday Audrey

Posted in Family stuff on December 29, 2007 by bpyounger

Audrey turns twenty today. Wow, how is that possible? I remember when she was born like it was yesterday. I got an emergency call at work at about 5:30 A.M. . My supervisor at the time sent one of my friends to “gently tell Bryan that his wife is in labor”. It was very cold that night, a snowstorm had come through the day before. I drove home after scraping just enough of the windshield to see out of it. I got home and whisked Pearl off to the hospital. We hurriedly got her admitted and then we waited … we listened to the woman in the room next to ours scream her lungs out, and waited… and waited, you get the idea. We were there at about 6:30 Audrey was born in the evening about 12 hours later. The whole time Pearl was on her back because they had purposely broken her water and placed a monitor on Audrey’s scalp. Very little progress was made all day long . Strong contractions a couple minutes apart most of the day. No progress. Until they gave Pearl drugs. While they were administering the epidural Pearl’s mother and sister showed up. Pearl was not in a good place at that moment, a lot of pain and it showed. It scared the crap out of Anna, her eyes looked like saucers and she turned pale. She excused herself and came back after the drugs had taken effect. Pearl was much happier now.

audrey3.jpg audrey1.jpg

Audrey was born a while later. I remember going to the restroom just before they took Pearl to the delivery room. I looked at myself at the mirror and said to myself ” Are you ready to do this?, You have to be strong for her.” I was scared to death but couldn’t show it. I was also exhausted, I had been awake for almost 30 hours now. I know all the women out there are saying “You were exhausted?!! Poor baby. What about Pearl”. Sorry I was tired, emotionally and physically.

Finally she came out. This little slimy blue bundle was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. But she couldn’t breathe. They hurried her away to get her breathing and place her under an oxygen hood. We saw other new mothers holding their babies’ ours was in intensive care. We didn’t get to hold her until until later.  Seemed like forever. But she was OK. Thank God.

audrey2.jpg audrey4.jpg

Now she’s Twenty, married, and expecting her first child. Where did the time go. That was the longest day of my life. And the best. I would do it all over again. The love I have for my daughter is immeasurable. I look forward to meeting my granddaughter. I hope she looks like her mother. Happy birthday Audrey. 


The Wedding Photos

Posted in Family stuff, My Favorite blogs on December 21, 2007 by bpyounger

Here are the photos from Audrey and Ben’s wedding. Thanks again to everyone who helped make this a memorable occasion. I think I look like a waiter, but Audrey was beautiful thats what counts.